YouTube which is the most popular and widely used video sharing and downloading website has streamlined its focus on the users of Smartphone. Following the procedure it has introduced a new YouTube app that is now available at App Store for users of iPhone and iPod touch to utilize for better experience. It is a great move as per experts who highlight the necessity of streamlining the mobile apps that can function efficiently for mobile internet audience. As per a research about 30 percent of any traffic comes to the website from mobiles like iPhone and other such devices. This makes it a necessary step to application developers so as to create apps that use successful mobile SEO. Mobiles devices like iPhone differ a lot from desktop and therefore they need to be catered in their own way. YouTube engineers have developed the new app taking into consideration all these factors. These are some of the features worth noticing about this new app:

  • With the new YouTube app for iPhone and iPod touch the users can access many endless YouTube videos with instant access and improved channel guide.
  • Also, improved search tools let you find the amazing videos in much swift manner. While you type in the words suggestions are given like you have it in the desktop/laptop version.
  • Diverse sharing options let you spread the videos with your loved ones, acquaintances and family very easily.

The YouTube app developers and engineers are now working on with development of YouTube app which will be available for iPad users in the coming months.

This little development has indicated a bright chance for app developers to focus and streamline their apps to get as much as out of mobile and Smartphone users. To reach to the fullest potential, here are few tips that app developers, bloggers and website owners must know:

  • Take into concern the mobile-based internet searches

On a general, mobile phones are responsible for 25%-30% of the website’s traffic and that makes the mobile-based internet searches too important. For achieving the best results you must know about proper SEO guide.

  • Make navigation streamlined

The smart phones are other mobiles have characteristic smaller screen when compared to a desktop or laptop. This demands that they must be served with navigation options that suit such smaller screens.

  • Create a mobile version of your website

You must create a mobile version of your website like most popular websites do these days. You must put that on your sub-domain.

  • Get rid of large sized images and videos

You must not use the large sized files because they are heavy to load and can’t be accessed that fast by mobile users.

Apart from these few tips there sure are some SEO tips for the developers who cater iPhone section:

  • Connect your app with Facebook
  • Get reviews from users at App Store
  • Blog about your app with other popular apps on your website
  • Create a decent and attractive logo design for your app
  • Give a logical and short description of how your app can be useful for an iPhone user
  • Select a perfect app name

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