Windows 8 RTM Leakeorder viagrad

Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky, Thursday, proudly announced the release of Windows 8 version to manufacturers (RTM). But he had no idea that the final version of Windows 8 will be leaked to the internet just after one day of the release.

The version leaked is an “N” edition of Windows 8 which doesn’t consist of a bundled copy of Windows Media Player. A 2004 European Commission forced that Microsoft needs to provide a copy of Windows without the media player tied to it.

Microsoft is not discussing the leak, but it seems that someone working at an OEM partner is accountable for the leak.

The leaked copy is an English-language version, although it is a non-booting file that needs creation of install disk. It is also assumed that the leaked version is a fake one but those who have looked at it believes that it’s the real one.

Microsoft is releasing the final version of Windows 8 via MSDN and TechNet services on August 15 and only selected audiences like developers and IT professionals will be able to access the non- pirated copy of Windows 8.

Microsoft will officially launch Windows 8 version on October 26, with two editions in retail i.e. Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro and another, the Enterprise edition.

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