Do you want your website to load faster? What if your developers don’t require to struggle for site speed anymore? And, what if with one small change you get benefit in your rankings too? Wondering!!! Switch to HTTP/2….

According to a Google spokesperson, GoogleBot will soon support HTTP/2 by the end of this year or early next year. For all those who don’t know about HTTP/2, let us tell you that it is the latest update to HTTP protocol. It is a much needed refresh of HTTP to cope up with the WWW that has greatly evolved over years.
The new HTTP/2 has been launched with many improvised features including Single Connection, Multiplexing, Prioritization, Header Compression, etc. All these improvements will change the face of internet in the coming months.

What HTTP/2 Means For SEOs and developers?
GoogleBot extending support for HTTP/2 will help the websites supporting the protocol with additional boost in their speed rankings. In addition, with Firefox and Chrome only supporting HTTP/2 over HTTPS, numerous websites that have not yet upgraded to HTTPS will likely to experience an added boost in their rankings.
On the other hand, HTTP/2 will benefit the developers in resolving issues like connection loss due to parallel connections, releasing additional RAM usage due to JAVA and CSS scripts inlining, and other issues relevant to combining files and cookieless domains.

So, are you moving to HTTP/2???

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