What Made #KVRians’ 2017 Journey So Incredible- A Nostalgic Tour

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Just like we treasured memories in 2016, we don’t see 2017 as a mere calendar year being comprised of 365 days. Rather, it’s been a wonderful journey for us.

And this journey is dotted with several destinations in the form of events, celebrations, achievements and many more.

Flash Back to KVRians Journey in 2017

We KVRians did show solidarity; came up with dedication and exchanged ideas to make things better throughout this journey, whether it’s determining the event dress code or raising the fund for charity.

Why not cherish such year defining moments.

We invite you to embark upon a time travel with us to take a dive into such glorifying memories of 2017. As we said it before that 2017 has been a journey, which went through several destinations. So let us take you back to those destinations you might have visited but not in the way we KVRians did. Here we go…

Highlights of KVRians Journey in 2017


This was the very first leg of our journey in 2017! We paired the zeal of this popular bonfire festival with dance, music, sweets and a lot of photo clicking.

Key Highlights: Dance, sweet distribution and the big event of burning pious fire of Lohri.

When: 12th January

Lohri Celebration


Feel proud to be an Indian! The vibe of patriotism was across our office premises as everything was “tricolored”, whether its decoration or dresses.

Key Highlights: Office decorated with tri-color ribbons and balloons; patriotic song performance; national anthem and lunch.

When: 25th January

Republic Day Celebration

Dont miss out to see the amazing Repulic day celebration video.


11th Feb was marked as a birthday of Varun Sir! It was a very special and overwhelming moment for us to be the part of our dear boss’s birthday celebrations.

Key Highlights: Cake cutting ceremony; a song by Varun Sir, writing the congratulation messages and many more.

When:  11th Feb


This festival is the magnificent blend of colors, music and above all ecstasy. And we make sure that we take all these vital elements of Holi to the next level.
Key Highlights: All KVrians dressed up in ethnic wear; Antakshri (which ended up with the flowers treatment to the losers), and a treat of gujyia and gulabjamun.

When: 2nd March

Watch the amazing Holi Celebration video.


As we sailed through April, the king of all seasons, we stepped into Vaishaki celebration.

Key Highlights: Joyful folk dance, kite flying and KVRians in traditional attires.

When: 14th April

Vaishaki Celebration


This was a movie that gave use goose bumps. This was a movie that mesmerized us with its thumping action scenes. This was a movie we remember for powerful dialogues like “Aurat par haathdaalne vale kiungliyaannahikaattey, kaatteyhaitohgala.” Yes, it was Bahubali-2.

Where: Rajhans Cinema, Panchkula

When: 4th May


Our little contribution for clean and green environment!We celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June 2017. Planting trees is one of the best things to reduce carbon footprint and global warming as well. That’s what we exactly did!

Key Highlight:

Plants were given to KVRians so that they can plant them wherever it is required.

When: 5th June

Environment Day


8thJuly is not just a date in calendar but a very special day for us as our beloved Kunal sir’s birthday falls on this day. So, it surely calls for celebration.

Key Highlight: Cake cutting ceremony; song performance by Kunal Sir (as he can be found crooning any time) and lunch party.

When: 8th July

Where: The Cove, Panchkula

Kunal Sir Birthday Celebration

See the full album here.


This was a proud destination for our caravan. We celebrated Independence Day by representing all states with their respective costume. What a beautiful way to show the diverse colors of India!

Key Highlights: KVRians donned costumes of Indian states; patriotic songs and dance performances.

When: 14th August

For more details you can read this article.

Independence Day Celebration

You can see more images here.


Nothing could be a better opportunity to thank our inspirational leader, Romit Sir, for his guidance, encouragement and support than his birthday. We KVRians left no stone unturned to make this moment amazing and memorable.

Key Highlights: Office decoration, party, cake cutting ceremony and sharing of life experiences by Romit sir.

When: 23rd September

Romit Sir Birthday


This Diwali at KVR was more than lights and decoration. The festival of light was celebrated with a cause as we raised funds for the less fortunate people by organizing Diwali Mela. The “mela” was marked by the shopping stalls arranged by KVRians across the premises. Each stall’s earning was doubled anddonated towards the charity fund.

Key Highlights: Office premises was decorated with fancy lights, pompom and hanginglanterns made by KVrians; dance, Diwali Mela to raise funds; Snacks. For more details, you can read our Diwali Celebration Article.

When:17th October

Diwali Celebration

For more pics, you can check oout our Diwali Celebration Album.

Also, dont miss to watch the video.

Annual Day Island

Our 2017 journey ended on an exciting note with a grand celebration and dance party. The annual day event had every perfect element, from award ceremony to the dance floor, to saying goodbye to 2017 and welcoming 2018. Apart from this great event, we all were excited as it was the birthday of our charming and jovial director Disha ma’am.

Key Highlights: Award ceremony, karaoke performances, dance night, dinner and gifted love to Disha ma’am.

Where: Western Court, Sector 10, Panchkula

When: 24th December

New Year Bash

Check out more pics here.

2018: Another Exciting Journey Ahead of Us….

So these are the destinations our caravan went through in 2017. Needless to say this flashback must have evoked your nostalgia. We hope that 2018 will be even bigger, more exciting and even memorable for us. Amen!!!

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