7 Great Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day!

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Most businesses are concerned about how to improve employee productivity by 2021. They think about incentives, increments, rewards, etc.

But what about recognition? Substantial appreciation initiatives make your company stand out, which is particularly relevant in today’s competitive employment market; it also helps improve morale and recruiting.

When you’re respectful of your employees’ hard work, they are proud of being a part of your company— and so it reflects. The impact reaches well beyond the cubicle and can be a persuasive magnet for potential candidates.

Most job-seekers would analyze and do research on your company on social networking sites and third-party social sites to see whether it suits them well before they apply. Celebrating Employee Appreciation day is just the right way to show your respect to your employees.

This way, workers are much more likely to respect (and feel comfortable with) businesses who acknowledge their importance. A human-centric strategy builds a corporate culture that places staff first. It can pay significant dividends due to the strong correlation between an employee’s confidence and performance of the company.

Companies with a higher level of trustworthy, committed, and happy employees consistently outperform other companies in terms of productivity, investment, and retention.

How and Why? Because their staff feels less stressed, more quality time, higher productivity and dedication, and less burnout. Happier workers are not only more successful but also add to a healthy corporate culture, helping to attract top talent.

There are so many ways that can make them feel unique and respected.

The following are the ideas that you can choose to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day!

1. Fun Zone: 

You can label it as Happy Hours as you can turn your office into an entertainment zone where the only condition to step in is to drop your stress outside! You can either invite a standup comedian, exciting photo booths, fun games, tarot card reading (who doesn’t like a dash of mysticism?), or caricature artists!

Fun Zone

2. Talent Show:

You would be surprised to see the bathroom singers and the amateur tap dancers come out of their closets and give you performances that are going to stun everyone! Do you think you know your employees well? Make it happen to witness your awesome and awe-struck team!

Talent show

3. Chocolates & Sweets:

This would literally be a sweet way to tell your employees you appreciate their hard work, commitment, and zeal! Recognition matters. You can even personalize them by adding a thank you note from the board of directors. This gesture would be valued and admired by all your employees.

chocolate and sweets

4. Snack party:

Need we say more? Who doesn’t love pizzas? Throw them a drool-worthy lunch or snack party with yummy food and good music. Some party games can also be organized with the help of Team Leaders.
snack party
5. Yoga & Meditation class-

Everybody knows the fact that meditation lowers stress levels. Your employees work day and night to give you optimum results 24x7x366 (leap year alert!). Acknowledge their efforts by bringing an expert to them to teach them the art of meditation. They can be taught some Asana or poses that would relax them not just on the D-day but every day. This idea is undoubtedly going to benefit them forever.


6. Educational/ Motivational speakers:

It sounds boring but not when it’s all about them, their work culture, and their wellness. There will always come a time when an employee hits a plateau point. It is not bad, but it is not great as well, as the spirit is lost, and it affects productivity, no matter how talented she or he is. A pep talk is just what they need. Inspirational speakers will not only boost their confidence level at a personal level but also push them to give better results professionally.

So How did we celebrate this day at KVR Webtech ? – We Clubbed them all into one! 

At KVR Webtech ,we really do mean it when we say that our team is our family. And just like any other, fabulous, and fun-filled family function, we left no stone unturned to make our employees feel appreciated and special. 

Employee appreciation day

As our office hours began, our employees donned in our special KVR t-shirt, had no clue that the usual peak, stressful, super busy hours of a typical Friday morning would turn into a surprise for all. Each one of our employees was given a beautiful, hand-made, personalized card, filled with motivating words and what makes them special and valuable here at KVR. These cards were personally written by the directors who made everything all the more significant.

Personal recognition and appreciation by them had all our employees beaming with joy and excitement as the beauty of the card lying in its uniqueness and distinctiveness. * *

“ The cards seemed so relatable, and it felt like they really know us well.”
-Rishab Sharma

“It made me feel so special; I try to give my best every day and keep the environment of the office lively. It was good to know that the higher management observed my love for positivity.”
-Aditya Bansal

And as the clock struck 1, a scrumptious lunch was enjoyed by the entire KVR family. Of course, there was upbeat, peppy music that enlivened the entire atmosphere of the office.

And just when everyone thought the entire program was concluded with the lunch and settled in their chairs and resumed work, the directors organized some entertaining games for the employees who were filled with laughter, joy, and excitement. The aim of the activities was to de-stress the employees, fill them with positivity, and to inspire them.

Last but definitely not the least, came the memorable moment of the day, where the directors thanked all the employees for their efforts and their work as a team. They shared their valuable suggestions and, most importantly, their pearls of wisdom and professionalism, which would help every employee to give their best at life. 

This is what the directors had to say-

“Each and every employee has worked hard and showed 100% commitment and dedication to the company in their own ways. They deserve celebrations and events like these to know that they are utterly valued.”
-Romit Malhotra

“It is not only the appreciation that counts; it is the support that matters, someone’s creativity, someone’s intelligence, someone’s incredible management skills as one team has made us what we are today.”
– Kunal Sethi

“This is a family. We work together for 8 hours a day, let that time be worthwhile. Be thankful and appreciative of one another. Every day should go like this; employees respectful of one another and working as a strong team.”
-Varun Sharma

“Everyone at KVR has his or her freedom to express his or her ideas, suggestions, and points, and the fact that they truly represent what they really are is what makes our team special. Thank you is not enough. They all are like pillars of strength and support.”

















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