Use Videos To Boost Company’s Communication

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You invest your time and money to come up with an explainer video to market your product but you end up figuring out its external impacts like the number of leads this video generated or its impact on brand awareness.

Videos To Boost Company’s Communication

However, internally produced videos not only help in branding but are equally profitable with a positive impact on employees of the organizations.

With changing time, more and more organizations are switching to videos as a solution for their internal communications. As per the survey of Ignite Technologies and Ragan:

  • 71% of the companies are already using video to communicate with employees.
  • 72% of respondents are planning to use video even more next year and
  • Approximately 90% say that video is either “important” or “somewhat important” to their company.

A video can be the most effective platform to present any information to the employees; regardless of what it is you need to communicate.

1. Introducing a New Product…

There are various organizations that have not adopted the culture of communication through videos and hence fail to build an internal bond. Their roadmap is explained as below:
Product Introduction Roadmap

In the above roadmap, if a short and humorous 120 seconds video is attached in e-mail and is circulated across the employees, the chances are high that all employees will watch the video and will be super excited about the product launch. According to Forbes, merely 50% of the employees trust in their company’s brand idea

 and even less are actually equipped to deliver to on it. If your employer does not believe your product or is unable to understand your brand, how come you can even think to succeed in this competitive world.

Before launching your product in public, it should be mandatory to explain the idea of your product to your employees as they are the best critic present in-house. Explain them the product using animated video and they will understand it in most interesting and engaging manner.

 Using a video to explain your product has many benefits:

  • They are full of fun, thereby creatively engaging employees.
  • They are short and crisp.
  • They are consistent.

2. Training of Staff and Employees…

The first impression lasts until long and so is with the new employees recruited in your team. How you train your new employees to set a bond between you and your employee.

Inject a feed of learning through video and they will feel educated and confident, thereby reducing the high employee turnover that can cost you thousands of dollars each year.

Training of staff and employees


Many companies have tried to implement this method using instructional videos but by adding a pinch of animation into it, they add many benefits into their basket as videos without animation are hard to update with time, whereas video with animation is more easily to be revised or restructured.

The other benefits of using video for the training of employees are:

  • Saves time and resources.
  • Introduce corporate culture.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy to produce using various software.

Maintain a library of new hire training videos that will complement on-board meetings effectively. The videos can include how-to’s, best practices, and even discuss the culture and expectations of the workplace.

3. Increases Employee’s Engagement…

A company is build up of employees and each employee contributes in his own way to the higher productivity and sales of the product. But if an employee does not feel engaged with the company, it means he is not giving his 100% and if through some means an organization engages its employees, the productivity and sales will increase by a huge margin.

Videos Increase Employees Engagement

A study by Gallup showed that if an employee is engaged effectively in an organization, he will come up with 21 percent higher productivity, which will eventually lead to higher sales and a healthy working environment.

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When it comes to engaging employees, it can be done in various ways: fun-incentives to using internal videos. Videos can be used to showcase a clear and strong message that can include company’s vision and culture.

No matter if you are the manufacturer of expansive watches or selling some designer shirts, videos can be your best companion when it comes to growth of your business from the inside out.


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