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As of February 7th, 2014, there were at least 1.81 billion indexed pages on the World Wide Web. While the internet has created a level playing field for businesses, big or small, itsgigantic size has also made it difficult for websites to ‘GET FOUND.’

If there’re not a million pages on the internet serving the same information, products or services as yours, there’re at least thousands or hundreds(a safe guess).

How do you wade through this vast web of data and make yourself found?


And, let’s not forget that the World Wide Web is still evolving.

Here’s a quick highlight:


Unlike the real world where you set up a shop on a busy street and expect customers to come looking for what you have on display on the very first day, you need to make serious efforts to get found (and get found by people who’d actually pay for a product or service you offer) on the internet.

Setting up an e-commerce website is easy but marketing it takes brains!

Now, let’s get back to where we began. Google Adwords.

There’re 3 fundamental ways to get found on the Internet

# 1. SEO:Search Engine Optimization cannot be done overnight. Results can be short term or long lasting depending on how well it has been done or precisely, ‘who’ supervises your SEO campaigns. Also, you can NOT overdo it. Google is watching you and so are other search engines.

# 2. Advertising: You can start an advertising campaign any day! And, you can spend as much as you want. You just need to make sure that a Pay-per-Click campaign is handled by an experienced professional having a thorough understanding of how online advertising works.

# 3. Direct Referrals:Direct referrals don’t come easy. You’ve got to be either someone having a strong offline presence or a brand that offers something very-very unique.

Now, if you represent a brand which is relatively unheard off in the real and virtual world, you can invest on both search engine optimization and advertising.

Since SEO campaigns take their own time to deliver results, your best bet is to start shelling out some funds for advertising campaigns.

Google is the big boss on the internet and you wouldn’t want to advertise with no one else but Google first, right?


No, we don’t want to make Google richer but we do want to improve our website’s visibility on the internet and do it without having to wait for 6 months or a year before some visitors FIND it organically.

By now, we hope you’ve got a clear idea of just why it is important to consider PPC advertising and why exactly it should begin with Google.

Google’s PPC advertising service i.e. Google Adwords has not become so popular without some really valid reasons.

Google Adwords has helped advertisers get a ROI and that’s why it’s no. 1.


PPC advertising campaigns planned and executed well can improve a website’s search engine visibility by a great deal because:

You make it to the top – With Google Adwords your website can have a 1st page listing for a given keyword. It means – your website or a particular page is exposed to target users immediately.

Generate leads when you most expect them – When you are offering some tempting or great, it’s time to make yourself heard. SEO will help and so will word of mouth. But, PPC advertising through Google Adwords will ensure results as sweet as the pile of money you hand over to Google! No kidding.

Drive instant traffic–If you have sufficient advertising budget, it is possible to drive instant traffic to your website. SEO , SMM and other such techniques are important too but they are best used in combination with online advertising.


Regional Settings– You get to control ‘who ‘exactly should be exposed to your advertisements.

Measurement & Analysis­ -You can monitor the results on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and analyze the return on investment. You get to know which keywords or announcements in particular you need to spend/focus more on!

Paying more does not necessarily mean achieving more through Google Adwords–Highest bidders get to place their ads in the best positions for the most competitive keywords but it doesn’t always mean others can’t get any results. If your PPC campaign manager is really good, he or she can manage to get the results despite having worked with a comparatively lesser budget.

Relevance –This is the sweetest part. Your website is exposed to people who’re somewhat interested in the kind of products or services you provide.

Talk to your internet marketing manager today if you’ve got one!

Call us at 91-1762-509633 or drop an email at if you’d like to know more on how exactly Google Adwords advertising campaign can help your website (in particular) more online visibility.

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