Virus is a bit of computer code which is created specifically to self-replicate. Ideally, when a program infected with virus is run on a computing device or an infected computer is started, the virus is triggered and it begins to attach to other files and spread through the computer damaging it beyond repair.

Computers are susceptible to viruses around the year, they are very contagious and very hard to get rid of. But it is easier to prevent computer viruses and this can be accomplished by remaining vigilant. One must take proactive steps to ensure protection from computer viruses and internet scams. The easiest way to protect the computer and mobile devices against viruses is to keep your antivirus software updated.



Viruses can be subcategorized into worms and Trojan horses. Unlike viruses that spread from file to file, worms spread from one computer to the other via internet. Worms can be of two types passive and active; passive worms need you to trigger them, by opening an email for example, while active worms run on their own in the system. Trojan horse is non-self-replicatingtype of malwarewhich is known to destroy files or allow hackers in through the back door.

New kind of viruses are sophisticated blended threats that use computer hacking skills and malicious codes to damage computers, mobile phone, tablets and other similar computing devices. Other type of new age viruses arevirus hoaxes – unsubstantiated e-mails that are forwarded around the world demanding action from the recipient.

Ways to prevent virus


As discussed, the easiest way to keep your computing system free from viruses is to always have an antivirus software updated.
Here are a few ways you can employ to remain secure while working online:

  • Use reputed antivirus only
  • Scan executable files delivered by email, or downloaded over the internet before running
  • Do not open unrecognized or suspicious files in an email
  • Back up your important files regularly. So, even if a virus effects the files you have a secure database

Many people get antivirus software after they have been hit with virus, you should not make the same mistake. Now, that you have understood how to keep safe against viruses, it’s up to you to decide how you want to protect yourself.

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