Facebook has been a popular choice for businesses and their marketing; Thanks to Facebook Ads!!! With the increasing demand of Facebook as a global marketing platform, it has added two new features into its Facebook Ads service.


  1. Create a Slideshow to Use as Video

Facebook recently launched yet another new feature called Slideshow for doing business using its platform. Slideshow is a lightweight video advertisement made from a series of static images that the advertisers can easily use and is engaging for people.

With this new video feature, users can take photos and turn them into customizable movies or rather slideshows. You can now make slideshows with soundtracks along with automatically choosing your best images to create other enhancements like GIFs and panoramas1. “It’s primarily optimized for a diversity of photos so it can capture a beginning, middle, and end of the ‘story.’ It also chooses a personalized set of photos to select the ones you and your friends are in”, says Facebook.

To learn how to create videos/slideshow on Facebook, click here:


How to create a slideshow video ad

  1. Create Ads on Instagram 

Do you use Instagram for your business? Have you thought about advertising on this platform? Facebook has come up with a new feature to create ads to promote your business using Instagram. You can create ads for Instagram using ad creationPower Editor or the Facebook Ads API.

You should be a registered Facebook user, however having an account on Instagram is not necessarily important.


To learn more about the feature, check out the following link: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/976240832426180

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