After Live Periscope Videos, Now to enhance the user experience, Twitter reordered the timeline. Yes, this breaking news was announced through the company’s blog post, stating that now you will not miss the “important” tweets from the people you follow.

Twitter Introduces New Feature

It was the company’s engineering manager Mike Jahr to update that now twitter allows its users to pin the important messages to the top of their timeline. The design has been updated to ensure that every time you log in, you see the messages which matter the most.

New Timeline, New Experience…

Basically, the new timeline is an algorithm-based one which will use the data based on a user’s previous Twitter activity. And if you are thinking what improvement has been added, it is about the fact that now your timeline will surface “important” tweets at the top from the people you.

Based on the analysis how users engage with tweets will determine what would be the best content to be displayed. Thus, just below the section of curated tweets will appear the traditional reverse-chronological timeline.

What more?

In addition to this, it is important to know that the new timeline order can be turned off.

Yes, the users who are interested in having a few recommended messages can simple head into their Settings menu for making a selection. Now all you need to do is select the option which says, “Show me the best Tweets first”, and in case you still don’t find it useful, you can turn it off.

Also, note here that this new timeline is an option is available for both the Twitter’s iOS and Android apps.

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