Top 7 Elements to Create High Converting Landing Pages

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Learn here what it takes to create a successful landing page that can capture leads.

Tips to Create High Converting Landing Page

What is a landing page?

Here is the simplest definition—it is the page where a user lands as soon as he clicks the link. Right?

I personally think that this definition is a bit misleading. A landing page can’t be your Home Page or service page of a website. Instead, it is a standalone page designed to capture leads.

Since it is a standalone page for lead capturing, utmost care should be taken while designing it. It should look different than the ordinary web page. After all, this page will drive your conversion rate. The Internet teems with thousands of landing pages. Some of them are outstanding. Some of them, well, just look like a plain webpage.

Here I have shared the traits of some successful landing pages.

Tip 1: Keep the Main HEADLINE Remarkable:

A headline is the first thing a user is likely to notice on your landing page. It can make or break the things. A compelling headline prompts the users to explore more while stating your offer.

No matter your landing page is about what, make sure to incorporate these things into your landing page.

  • Clarity:

A headline shouldn’t be like a riddle. Tell about your product and services clearly.

  • Reliability:

The ad that delivers users to your page should match to the idea of your landing page so that they won’t disappoint when they arrive at your page.

  • Curiosity:

Instead of using a sales pitch, the content should evoke the curiosity of the visitors.

  • Sub-headlines:

Use supporting statement for the claim made in a primary headline (if necessary).

Landing Page Example

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Tip 2: Identify Your Target Audience:

Your landing page will get little-to-no conversion rate unless it is focused on your target audience. A target audience is a group of people your products or services are aimed at. They are the people who buy your products. They may be kid, parents, senior citizens, lawyers and housewives. For example, if your landing page is about cookery sessions, your ideal target audience will be housewives or may be the learners. If your landing page addresses their real concerns and ensures appropriate solutions, they are likely to buy your product. Since the page is specific to the housewives, it won’t attract random traffic like tractor mechanics, mutual funds investors and tutors.

Getting the right people will boost your conversion rate.

Here’s how you can identify the target audience for your landing page:

  • Who are your buyers?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do?
  • What are their concerns or requirements?

It is all about to strike the mindset of your target audience.

Tip 3: Use Compelling Media

Incorporating images, video or gif will make your plain text look interesting. A media-rich landing page encourages a user to “go to the end”. However, they should be used strategically. Here are some golden rules to include media in your landing page:

  • Use relevant images or video. Showing a family pic for the pages made for lawyers is safe to say a bad idea.
  • Don’t use multiple media stuff as it will clutter your page (a huge turn off for the visitors).
  • They can be used to showcase your product features, evoke emotion or tell a story of your brand.

Tip 4: Create a Convincing Call to Action

After the headline, it is your call-to-action or CTA that plays a vital role in conversion rate. Make sure to keep it short (5-7 words is an ideal length) and persuasive. Here is a great tip to use CTA for your landing page—instead of using plain verbs like “submit” or “sign up”, use purposeful sentences like “Create My Account” or “Give Me FREE Report Now”.

Tip 5: Use Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials on your page will help you win over the visitor’s trust. Winning over their trust means you get an opportunity to convert them. The testimonials are also important as most customers won’t trust the product blindly. There are many ways to features testimonials or customer reviews on your landing page.

  • Ask your existing customers for feedback.
  • Use visual testimonial with photo or video.
  • Add social proof to your customer’s reviews.
  • Place them properly.

Tip 6: Provide Buttons to Share

Incorporate clickable share buttons to increase your chances of getting your content shared across the social media platforms. You can also add share buttons to the thank you page to let your users share your offers with others. 

Tip 7: Keep Your Copy to the Point

Keep in mind that it’s your landing page, not your blog post. Using a bulk of explanatory text can clutter the page, thereby annoying the reader. Even worse, it also overshadows the value of your “benefits” of offers. Aim for around 100 words of copy or fewer in the page description. It helps the readers quickly read and understand what your page is about. One more thing—avoid presenting all details in a chunk of text. Divide the text into the paragraphs of 4-5 lines. Use bullet points to explain your offer and highlight the value.


There is no doubt that working over the above mentioned steps will make your landing page effective.

But there are some silly mistakes that can sabotage your results, no matter how promising your landing page looks. And here are the things you should avoid…

  • Slow Page Speed: 74% of people abandon the page if it fails to load within 5 seconds. Therefore, ensure a fast loading landing page to your audience by removing unnecessary codes; eliminating plugins; minimizing redirect; and compressing images. For more tips you can read this article.
  • CTA Button is Not Visible: Make your CTA button look stand out of the rest.

So you must have understood how to optimize your landing page to ensure better conversion rate. It is all about working over the small details like presence, placing of the elements and message. However, it can be a trial and error to find the landing page that can hit the bull’s eye. All the best!

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