As you know SEO has become an integral part of any online media advertising campaign therefore new methods and strategies are being constantly developed to get the best out of it. These days due to huge socialization online there is a keen focus on targeting social signals and going viral to attract attention of the masses so it is imperative that you serve the content which will spread among the masses and give you a giant thumbs up formed from thousands of thumbs up likes.

Viral content-

This is very much in these days and in a way redefines the boundaries of writing quality, eloquent content for website or blog. This type of content is very valuable for the audience, has an element of humor to it (not all times), is highly informative with no irrelevant associations, has catchy pictures, if videos are available then has them and last but not the least is written in such a way that reader never ever leaves without pondering over a positive thought.

Spark a discussion-

Try and include such content that challenges or has logical explanation to counter general belief so that the readers comment and thereby starting a chain reaction of comments which definitely increases the viewership of your webpage.

Info graphics and a catchy header-

Make sure to include catchy headers that will force the reader to read your well-presented article. Along with that make a point to add informative pictures or info graphics, interactive maps and graphs wherever possible.