Was in a queue for fifteen minutes In the busy airport, with wee humane
Merely 50 people in front of me
But could picture the whole nation of sane.

A father with a 7-year-old daughter
Showing the guidelines of boarding a plane
The daughter was not scared
Like the older daughters who were alone.

She was thrilled and excited of thinking whats next,
But I was feeling sorry, what we do to them.

Once she will be 18, we will forget her parents
We will picture her in every way
And the ways to get her in bed
May be through her consent
Or skipping it because it will take too long

The moment “SHE” comes into our head
We know she can’t drive or take decisions
Or can have an opinion

May be she is a machine who loves the pain
And we are proud to give her that
In every fucking way
Giving a birth if is a girlish thing
To protect and calm her through
Is what a boy must maintain

Holding house if is her duty
Appreciating and helping her
Is what would call u a MAN

A habit of equality is tough to follow
Because it challenges your strength
And lowers your ego
Asking the walking girl if she is available
May be that will also happen
To that little girl….

She is delicate because she can absorb a lot of pain
Not the pain you think she loves
But her son’s complaints
Her husband’s dejections and the parent’s sickness.

Ask her truly if she can walk along to hell
She will follow you not because she loves the pain
Because the lady was the little girl with her father
Who could not replace
With the mature body
But inside
Remained the same….

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