The Best Online Reputation Management Strategy for 2016 – A Guide

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“What are they saying about you?” This question matters to any business greatly – it can either create them or destroy them.

With the coming of New Year near, the online marketing world is making various predictions to help businesses grow efficiently in 2016. With the many different aspects of the online marketing, ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGAMENT is yet another very important aspect. And as such, you can bring in the New Year like a pro by using a proactive approach to online reputation management. Have a look how.

Online Reputation Management

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According to TripAdvisor data in 2015, the most of the tourists and hoteliers agree that reviews and feedbacks are vital to booking decisions. This proves that the online reputation space is developing into a closer network of associations between travel industry verticals and the third-party review space. The role of the review in different formats is newly significant. It is also increasing investment with more than half the traveler leadership polled in a recent survey indicating that funds should be reserved for ORM.

This is just one instance of the significance of ORM in the current online marketing trend. Hence, it’d be no wrong to say that ORM plays an important role in building and breaking the image of any business.

So… As businesses are preparing for the New Year, digital, experts propose that it’s the time for them to rethink the way they approach their online marketing strategy.

Around 80 percent of Americans read reviews before buying services or products, hence, it’s a safe bet that what others are saying about you will impact the outcome for your business.

Check out for what can be done to rock your online reputation in the upcoming year.

Tips to Manage Your ORM in 2016

Reputation Management is Vital

The reason why Online reputation management is crucial is that t’s the first thing people see about your business.

So, here some quick ways you can get started:

  • Make sure to keep your Google My Business profile updated and completed with latest photos and contact information.
  • Keep your social profiles regular across the board delivering the same brief message on all platforms.
  • Optimize your profiles to include information about your website to help transport potential customers from your review profiles to your original website.

Customize Your Responses to Reflect Your Brand Reputation

Use your reputation management prospects to deliver the voice, tone and standards of your brand to your spectators. For instance, a customer complains that when they ate at your fast food corner, the service was terrible with a long wait time. If the your business focuses on fresh baked food items with friendly and timely customer service, your few actions are in order to achieve your value offerings. Along with regular services, make sure you offer various offers and delights to your customers on regular basis.

Go Beyond Customer Expectations

Being into a business, your first approach should be to “Stick to your word and raise the bar”. If you are planning to set the bar high and creating a five-star online reputation in 2016, delivering what you promise is necessary. Your marketing strategies need to create truthful expectations. Plus, be sure you follow the general guideline of over-delivering and under-promising so that you always come out ahead.

Following positive feedbacks with an appreciation thank you e-mail, with delights like a discount for next purchase with the message can act like a cherry on the cake.

Positive Damage Control

Use digital tools to help automate survey audience follow-up that can be sent immediately after a transaction is complete. This will offer you the opportunity to make changes with negative experiences and convert them to a satisfied customer. In addition, you get the added bonus of zeroing in on amenity, process and product flaws and ‘repair’ them internally.

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