Seamless, Effortless, Ever Rocking, The Best, etc. etc.!

Though they can’t be defined in just one word but if I need to give them a name, it would just be “AWESOME”.

A Small Overview:

Yes, I’m talking about the three super heroes of this story. This would not have been possible, if they wouldn’t have met years ago at the Cogniter Technologies.

They met, became friends, understood each other and soon planned to set the joint venture KVR Web Tech, also called as The KVR Family on 2nd November. Their names define the organization, where K=Kunal Seth, V=Varun Sharma and R=Romit Malhotra.

KVR Varun Sharma Motivational Quote on Success

If you’d have interviewed them when they started, their enthusiasm, learning attitude and positivity would have made you realize that they’ll surely become one of the Top Digital Marketing Company of the region, a day!

The Unbreakable Bond:

Honesty, respect, love and understanding are the backbone of any foundation to sustain; whether it’s about personal or professional life. And if anything among these misses out, you cannot think of success.

This is what all our heroes possess, which makes them the best. They are always in the mood to learn something from each other. No matter, whether at work or home, they are always connected. As much strong is their bond, so is their vision, which helps them keep bringing the changes so that The KVR Family thrives.

Often difference in the thoughts is a challenge for partners of any group, firm or organization.
But, our trios have transformed this difficulty into their biggest strength, that’s why they say
“Same Vision with Different Thinking”.

Three KVRians Unbreakable Bond

They are the most fun loving directors, I’ve ever met. But, at the same time, they are also the most dedicated personalities towards their work.

KVR Web Tech Story Behind Success of Three KVRians

This “fevicol” bond started at Cogniter Technologies, where they met for the first time. Though Romit Sir was the senior of Varun Sir in Internet Marketing Department, they found a friend in each other. While Kunal Sir was in Business Development Department, he too was no different for them. This is where the bond of love and friendship began and so the dream of forming their own company.

KVR Romit Malhotra Motivational Quote on Success

Being together, they developed a lot of confidence in each other. If anyone planned to do something, the others were always there to back and support him.

They are so much passionate about their work that they keep on talking and discussing about different aspects of their work for hours while sitting with a coffee or during lunch time.

Why They Started It (The Motive):

You just got to know about their friendship. But the reason is still to be told behind the creation of KVR Web Tech.

Yes, here am telling you the secret.

It was the zeal to grow in life, the challenge to make the best use of their skills and abilities. Their motive to give something to society, the passion and enthusiasm to master every aspect of technology they learned.

The sheer talent they possess and inspiration from their idols enlightened their eyes and that’s where they decided to set it up.

They realized that others were making fake promises to their customers and were unethically representing the services/products of their client’s in the market. They were fed up seeing that even the inexperienced people were establishing their kingdom by doing the work immorally.

KVR Kunal Seth Motivational Quote on Success

“To change the system, they become a part of this system”

Their loyalty towards their work motivated them to give it a ‘noble’ and a ‘healthy’ start. They wanted to prove that ethical and honest work pays in the long run and this eventually became their motto. They were more concerned about the hard earned penny of their clients and not just to earn for their own benefits.

The Hidden Star:

So far, you have been hearing about the three heroes of KVR but not the hidden heroine of this story. She is smart, hardworking, always a helping hand, a person who never feels like bore and the beloved wife of our V=Varun Sharma.

“Life is Beautiful and We Should Enjoy Every Bit of It”

She is always there to guide you in every possible way. Yes, she is the D of KVR Web Tech. Disha Singh Sharma. She is not hidden but equal to V and that’s way she is the main hero of this story, as she is multi-tasking and nothing is possible without her support in the KVR Family.

It’s because she acts as a wall against all the difficulties and problems coming towards them. She is there to help them, find solution in every situation. Whether it’s about taking care of the KVRians, managing funds and accounts, organizing all the events and celebrations or dealing with administrative and HR activities.

She is always there to answer all your doubts.

Disha Singh Sharma - The Hidden Star of KVR

The quote “Behind Every Successful Man Is A Great Woman” gives you the perfect answer.

Here It Begins:

Whereas on one side they were about to begin, Varun Sir got married just two day after the started. A perfect beginning!

Now everything was set; plan was ready in their minds. And they simply started it on a ground level from Kunal Sir’s room like any other successful company. It wasn’t a workplace like any ordinary shop or office, but it was everything for them.

A home of new hopes, a home where they started the change and a home where they all sat together and started this joint venture.

You don’t need a big space to start anything, because a few chairs and table is all it takes, where you could work day and night. If one isn’t available, the others take care. They worked rotationally so that, they could serve their clients 24/7.

With time their experience grew and so did their needs. They felt to move to the next level and expand their kingdom by adding more members.

The Beginning of KVR Web Tech with Havan
The Entire KVR Web Tech Family 2015

Rahul Bedi was the first to join them. Though, he was a mate to Kunal Sir, but they all treated him like a younger brother. He worked with his full dedication and zeal.

‘Apart from the trios, he is the only one, who has accompanied them throughout their journey so far’.

Our heroes left no stone unturned to keep growing and spreading the art of ethical work culture. There was nothing that could stop them to win every challenge!!

This is how they begin and today this family has reached to its half century in terms of creative and hardworking KVRians.

What’s Ahead for Them:

Like any other big name, their dream is also to be one of the best digital marketing companies. Step by step, they have set milestones for themselves and moving onto accomplish them. They wish not just to keep growing their company but also to raise the values and spread more and more awareness of their field in the society.

They are here to contribute something towards their field of Digital Marketing, so that it keeps flourishing in all the ways and become more and more popular.

Our trios are clear of what they have to achieve and are firmly moving towards their goal. When you see their natural talent and skills, it can be easily assessed that they are one of those few who are born to fulfill their dreams.

The past 6 unstoppable years have been a journey full of dedication and hard work. They are tough and that’s why they could make everything look so easy!

Taking care of The KVR Family from every aspect, whether its management, satisfaction or happiness of every KVRian, meeting demands of their customer/client in all areas of expertise, has been their approach because they believe this is the only right path to make this dream come true.

Cake Cutting with Torch - Shows KVRian Creativity

They are developing all the departments of their company with team of super talents, who possess the basic skills to keep growing. Selecting the best and helping in polishing their skills with sheer knowledge and confidence, is the art of our trios.

That’s why they say that “Employee Brilliance and Their Experience Work Together” in achieving goals.

I still don’t feel satisfied even after writing so much about them. They are just AWESOME, I have no words to describe them.

We have been reading that the biggest companies of the world started from just a small room. Because the real fact is, “some dreams do come true”.

“You don’t need external resources to start, just the zeal and passion within yourself can lead you to your dreams”.

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