What if you get an opportunity to target your organic posts to specific audience? When people get what exactly they want, it leads to a long-term relationship between you and your audience. Keeping this in mind, Facebook has come up with a new tool facilitating users to target their audience for organic posts.

Facebook Audience Optimizatoin


Earlier Facebook come up with Facebook Live and now it is making efforts to make your posts get in touch with your targeted audience with the new Audience Optimization tool. With this, publishers now can make more relevant posts in audience’s newsfeed of those who have more interest in them.

Soon, you’ll see an option to add interest tags that can be used to prioritize the content in the news feeds of those users who’re interested in that topic.

“The variety and amount of content available to people is growing, so having more information about who is likely to be interested in your content helps us get your posts to the people who will care about them most.”

Audience Optimization comprises of three features:

  • Preferred audience– Instead of limiting people for a specific post in the news feed, this tool will now allow publishers to add interest tags to posts to help Facebook connect people with the topics that are most likely to involve them.
  • Audience Limitations – Although this feature already exists, it can also be used alongside the Audience Optimization tool. This feature allows publishers a way to limit the visibility of specific posts by specifying for certain people on the basis of their location, language, age or gender.
  • Audience Insights – Insights for the selected audience can help you determine how various subsets of audience is reacting with the help of reach and engagement metrics for each interest tag.

Page owners will have to enable the tool in order to access it. You can find the tool in the GENERAL option of your Facebook SETTINGS page.

For more information you can visit this link.

One thought on “Target your Specific Audience on Facebook now for Organic Posts

  1. Ankur Shrivastava

    Wonderful post there!
    I have written an updated version of Facebook Organic Targeting here (Step by Step guide)
    Do check it out! 😀

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