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SEO strategies have changed over time, and with this change, there has been significant alterations in the way brands have perceived their names. Choosing a name for your business is the first big decision that an owner has to make. Since, it’s the first decision, it is also the most significant one. It is very vital thus to pick a good name.

Here’s an example of how terminology has changed with time. The term startup, that defines small business, seems a term that has been around forever. But that’s not true, it’s only as new as small IT companies have become a phenomenon; it is a term that has grown with the web. Yet, it is a term far better than just ‘business.’

Startups are like children, so a wrong name can remain a scar for life. It’s vital, not to underestimate the power of brand name. A name can achieve things on its own for the organization, so if you want to be taken seriously by your audience, do work on the name.

Let’s detail a few things you can keep in mind before naming a business:

# Begin with a name

People often consider name as an afterthought. They plan their business, strategies etc., without finalizing a name. Begin with a name and plan everything around the name.

 # Let the name say it all

Before getting down to naming the business, conduct a round of self-introspection to understand who you are, how your customers will see you, and about your position in the market. This will help you arrive at a name that best explains your business.

# Descriptive or differentiation 

There are names that speak what the business does. And then there are names that do not give you an idea of what the company does, Google is a good example. Good idea while finding a name is to see if the domain is available, and if the name you choose can be trademarked.

# No right name

Though, there is no hard and fast rule to which strategy you must adapt, but the best idea is to find a generic name or create a name with juxtaposition of two words. It should be a name that evolves with your brand and never appears outdated in the market.

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