To make your video creation easy here you can learn how to make Video from POWERPOINT PRESENTATION without using any other software. All you need is MS-Office 2010

Step1. Select suitable images/content which you want to use in your video.

Step2. Go to the HOME menu and click on the new slide option.

3. Now you can insert text from insert menu.

3. Insert image in slide. Click on INSERT > PICTURES > SELECT IMAGE > INSERT

4. Similarly, you can create more slides according to your preferences.

5. Now if you want to customize your PowerPoint Presentation, follow the following steps.

i.            Select the slides which you want to include in the video CUSTOMIZE>ANIMATION > click on CUSTOM ANIMATION > On right side custom animation window opens >  now select an element or layer then click add effect and choose effects which you want to give to any particular element.

You can also change or set the transition speed, transition sound and advance slide setting.


By this you can set timing of your video.

7. Now save as type window media video (.wmf)

By following these steps you can get a video from your powerpoint presentation without using any other external software.

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