If you want to enhance your SEO rankings, and increase traffic, you need to have great content on your blog or website. Have a look at the main components that are a MUST to create your ‘Great’ Content.
Your website is often your first option, and probably the only way to present your products or services before the customers on internet, which is why a great content is undeniably paramount in making your website hit.
Google loves great content. But, this isn’t the only reason for creating a great content. The art of content writing is significant for search engine marketing and, moreover for increased customer engagement.
Below are listed 6 simple ingredients you need to consider that will help you ensure your website’s content is at the top.


  1. Create Original: When creating your content, be honest and write original. Get inspired and produce your own ideas … the original ideas! Revising the same concept over and over again is not considered original and no one will link to it. An original content is more appealing than an used spiel. A rehashed content defeats your purpose of writing content in the first place. Moreover, copying other people’s content will result in a punishment from Google.


  1. Create Strong Headlines: A headline is as important as the appearance of a dish, or say, a car. A good headline sparks interest and invites readers to your posts. It should be short, positive and capable of seducing people. Take time while creating titles, don’t just skim over them. They are the first thing people read. A strong, catchy headline helps people to decide if they want to read your article or not.


  1. Make your Content Actionable: Always write to provide ‘real’ information to the people. The best content gives a sense of how to apply the information to the user. When you write a post, give tips to the users on applying what you are offering them. Often, people get ideas with your actionable writings.


  1. Be Able to Provide Answers: Do you know why people read blogs, or watch videos? They are in search for some answers to gain knowledge about something, and that too very fast. While writing a great content, make it easy to scan so that people can pick up the juicy bits quickly. Being a writer, it is your job to deliver answers and supporting information to the needy audience.


  1. Create Engaging and Thought Provoking Content: As a writer, your aim should be to engage the audience with your content. An engaged audience hangs on to your every word and grabs all that you write. For creating an engaging content, you can leave readers with questions, create stories, and including a promising introduction.


  1. Communicate Better by Adding Images and Video: Visualization aids people learn more. It also attracts the audience quickly. Try to use pictures, videos, or diagrams in your content, they can help illustrate your point easily and make your content more appealing. But, only add images that help or add value.

Besides these essential ingredients, keep in mind a few more points. Don’t treat any sort of content lightly. Writing a piece of content is difficult with good ones taking more time to research and write. Moreover, grammar, and organization are also a must.

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