Many businesses continue to live with a common myth that SEO writing stands on one basic pillar- Insertion of keywords into page tags and the body of the text itself. However, if the SEO writing was to be that easy, content would never have been referred to as the King.

SEO Writing

The Google keep on amending the constitution and to rule the kingdom effectively, content keeps on changing itself to survive in this tough competition.

The article shares a transition SEO writing has made in a few years.

 1) A big NO to excessive short-tail keywords

If you are still advocating the importance of short-tail keywords, then you will be definitely startled to know the fact that now 70% of all the web searches include long-tail keywords. From this fact it is palpable that the relevance of long-term keywords is growing stronger with passing time.

Long Tail Keyword Search Traffic

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The reason behind the indispensable role of long-term keywords in today’s world

With the emerging trend of voice searches (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana), the position of long-tail keywords in Google algorithm has got robust. 

Even in 2017 Hummingbird update, Google has given an edge to contextual search and long-tail keywords provide context to the content.

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What is a voice-based search query?

Unlike keyboard based search query, the voice-based search query is like a natural conversation between two people, requiring longer keywords. And to support this statement Google came up with the fact that 70 percent of the queries that Google Assistant receives consist of natural language.

2) Keyword Stuffing- Over-stuffing is unhealthy for the growth of business

As mentioned above, “SEO writing is a constitution and keywords, creativity and research are a few vital parts of it.”

So, if you wish to write a content that would rank high on the Google search, you will have to come up with the content with a perfect amalgamation of all the above three ingredients. Note that you have to be smart instead of being over-smart and just concentrating on one particular part of it. One way many writers become over-smart is by following a wrong keyword-stuffing approach. Google is wise enough to track your over-smartness and eventually hurts your business.

Keyword Stuffing is Bad for SEO

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density used to be defined as the ratio of a number of times a keyword was used to other words on the page.

Just with help of simple formulas, you used to get number to unlock the good times of your business. Unfortunately, this was never a scenario to hit the top position in Google search result; instead, it was just faking the Google algorithm to gain higher results. But Google has updated its algorithm and has got strict than ever before.

If you follow the approach of Keyword Stuffing, not just Google ignores you but your visitors also ignore you and hence the bounce rate increases which eventually hampers drive engagement, thereby losing targeted customers.

An Ideal Strategy

The ideal strategy should be to concentrate on research and creativity. Keywords will come up naturally. Don’t force yourself to stuff your content with keywords, instead focus on research and creativity. It will definitely be a boost to your business. It is sagacious to use keywords in smarter and focused way with an aim to come up with an engaging content.


SEO writing is a constitution and keywords, creativity and research are a few vital parts of it. Content, being the king plays with these parts as per the rules of the one who gave birth to this constitution- Google.”Varun Sharma

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