Normally when you as a client want to get you website designed from a web designer it is the first step towards a good or bad future of yours. Not many of you out there might know that a badly search engine optimized website that has brilliant content is as good as a website with poor content. The mistake that most of web designers make is to think that they know all about SEO and the sites they design are fully optimized, whilst the truth is exactly opposite. According to many Search Engine Optimization experts most of the websites for which they provide search engine optimization services are very poorly designed when it comes to bringing in organic traffic.

According to Alex Mason (SEO expert) web designers are badly hurting the search marketing industry at the very root because normally their client doesn’t know much about search engine marketing, all the client wants is a good looking website that appeals to the eye. The field of SEO is very vast, complex and deep and should be left to the SEO experts only, because in this competitive world nothing should be left to chance. While designing your website consider to have a discussion with an SEO expert at the same time and design the website accordingly, rather than rectifying the mistakes later on.

Image Credit: Ibeehosting Blog
Via: Sitepoint

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