After Google made announcement of considering Page Speed  as ranking factor for mobile search, it has come up with something new related to images.

“Dive in sea of Google and catch all the answers to your queries, using them smartly and effectively to be a shark in this competitive world.”

Google Image Update

You might have surfed some random images on Google few days ago and the favorite image out of all would have been seen in higher resolution by clicking on ‘View Image’ button. Further, falling for the beauty of the image, it would have been hard to resist saving that image. But it’s not so easy now.

Next time, when you will look for some image on Google, you will be surprised to observe that ‘View Image’ option has been discarded. Don’t think there is a problem with your browser, it is the result of latest announcement of Google on Twitter in which they have decided to remove‘View Image’ button feature.

Fortunately, Google has still kept alive a hidden way to view the image by clicking right on the thumbnail and selecting ‘Open link in new tab’ option to open up the full size image.

But it’s very hard for someone to realize that it is also a way to view a full size picture when ‘Visit’ site button is more visible. Hence, most of the people will end up clicking on ‘Visit’ option to view higher resolution image.

New Google Image View

To understand the purpose behind this modification, let’s dig some history and come to conclusion.

History and Conclusion of Google Images

Recently, an announcement regarding a deal between Getty and Google parent Alphabet finally brought a sigh of relief for Google by ending a long journey of copyright and antitrust dispute between Google and Getty.

Getty Images brought the news into forefront by quoting it as “a multi-year global licensing partnership, enabling Google to use Getty Images’ content within its various products and services.”

So, from the entire timeline of the Google Images, it is evident that year 2013 was detrimental for Google which further pushed them into situations which set a stage for this latest announcement of Google.

The announcement seems to be in direct response to the deal between Google and Getty Images to help reduce copyright infringement through the world’s most popular search engine.

You can read more Google updates here.

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