Power of words has always been very impactful. And the invention of PODCAST has taken this practice to a new level. Simply speak what you want to convey and see how the world gets inspired by you.

Renowned American Podcaster once said, “The beautiful thing about podcasting is it’s just talking. It can be funny or terrifying. It has no definitive form. It’s one of the best ways to explore an idea and certainly and less limiting than trying to express the same idea to standup comedy. It’s really, really nice to have podcasts. “

Sometimes unexpected things can truly transform a business, and Podcast is one such thing.

How Podcast Can Boost Up Your Business Growth


Businesses keep on looking for ways to promote their brand and increase their clientele. As such, content marketing is a great way to tell their story. While there are various ways to use this tool for brand promotion, one of the best vehicles for content marketing today is undoubtedly the PODCAST. It’s an amazing way to captivate hundreds and thousands of audience, and create a loyal following.

What is Podcasting?

Podcasts are digital media files, including audio and video (most often audio) which are produced in a series. Using software, ‘Podcatcher’, you can subscribe to a podcast. On subscription, your podcatcher checks to see periodically for new files, and if so, automatically downloads them onto your computer for later use.

But why should businesses use Podcast?  Have a look.

Dive into the pool of podcast’s advantages that can help businesses to reach a new horizon.

1)  Increased Traffic at your Doors

There is no doubt in saying that people prefer listening over reading. Podcasting helps you convey about your work, products and services via audio and video.

Audio content is inclined to naturally build understanding and intimate relationships. When people like your podcasts, they tend to subscribe and listen to each episode regularly. As long as you continue delivering valuable content through podcasting, it will earn the trust of your audience, which is vital for them to invest in your products and services.

2)  Connects Employees to their Organization

While Podcasts is a great way to bring your brand closer to your audience, it also gives you a scope to connect with your own employees. This is because podcasts can also be used by companies for training their employees, applauding them for their performance and making important announcements like “Star of the Quarter.”

Building trust and satisfaction with the employees is very crucial for your organization as they will be among the first ones to tout your services or buy your products.

3)  Become an Expert in your Industry

Creating a podcast can help you establish as an expert in the filed your broadcast covers. Be willing to take the time, research and then share information in the most unique and interesting way, which is valuable and useful to your audience.

This is similar to authors who become experts by writing on particular topic of their interest (field). When businesses share their podcasts on regular basis, they gain expertise in their field.

4)  Build Long Term Real Relationships with your Audience

“I feel like I really know you!”

Yes, you’ll hear this from your audience once they become habitual of your listening to your podcasts. And they’ll feel like they know you since years. This is quite natural also. If you are interested in something, you’ll crave to get it more and more.

Podcasts can actually help in building relationships without any realistic interaction of the two parties. While it may be a one-sided medium, the feeling you get after hours of listening to a person is a kind of friendship. After all, if they’re spending their valuable time in listening to a person, there must be some things in common between the two.

This connection can actually help businesses bring their customers closer. As a result, they can better understand what their audience need and can develop products that matter to them.

5)  Increased Conversions

Many websites offer additional services on their podcasting channels like free basic membership, and some nifty tools through their “Pro Membership.” When people are really interested in your podcasts files, they automatically switch from free versions to long term memberships to avail advanced services like downloading, sharing, etc.

Experts believe that it’s because of the trust built through the podcast. People believe that they’re not being “sold” rather “encouraged”, which is what makes sense for every organization and its success.


Podcasting is a growing market and is entirely a unique way to share information to the world. There are myriads of reasons a podcast can benefit small and big businesses. When it comes to podcasting, sky is the limit. Thus, take your business to a new level and start podcasting today.

Get your recorder and start podcasting. It will surely be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make for your business and its success.

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