Pinterest, the third most visited US social network, has given its customers one more reason to be happy. The social network has officially announced the launch of new apps for Android and iPad and also launched an updated version of its iPhone app. This is certainly a great news for Android users, as earlier Pinterest was available only for web and iPhone.

The social network announced the big news on Tuesday at San Francisco headquarters. Pinterest says that the app was specifically designed and developed to work well on Android smartphones and tablets with no matter how fast the device is or the size of the screen.

The new iPad app is also supposed to offer the best services yet and allows user to find out, save and organize the things they really like.

The Android app that promises to make pinning process simple and faster is available for download right now at and is also available from Google Play. The updated iPhone app carries the two-column layout that allows the user to witness more of their content and find what they want more quickly.

Pinterest boasted 23 million active users in July. Pinterest originally offered an invite-only service but on August 8, the social network went public for everyone exclusive of an invitation.

Image Credit to Ed Rhee from where he teaches How to get started with Pinterest for Android

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