The PHP development team has been on a constant spree of announcing and delivering refreshed versions of their web development language. Thriving on their past success, PHP development team has announced the immediate availability of the PHP 5.6.0beta4. The new version is a bugfix only release and is an outcome of the development team’s entrance into the feature freeze with beta1.

The new PHP 5.6.0beta4 is delivered to encourage PHP users to test this version very carefully and simultaneously report any bugs and glitches in the bug tracking system . The team has official closed the beta phase with this new release.


Using the reports from dedicated PHP users, the PHP development team will release a couple (even more) of RCs, until the developers team is confident that the PHP 5.6.0beta4 release is completely stable to be taken forward for the final release. For this, the developers’ team is hoping all PHP users to help in the testing and reporting problems they encounter with the version to ensure a complete scrutiny of the PHP version is carried forth before it is released as a complete version.

For now, the PHP 5.6.0beta4 comes with standard instruction – ‘it is a development preview, it should not be used in production. Since, it is only a development preview, PHP development team is entirely focused on receiving inputs from users to deliver the new version bug-free at the earliest.

Users can gather all the information about the new features in the work-in-progress documentation or read the complete list of alterations in NEWS file  available in the release archive. Click here  to download PHP 5.6.0beta4.

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