Today a number of companies are looking for this ‘simple’ question…with a more complex answer. The silent fact is that both the methods have their own pros and cons. Both are equally essential for a business to make an ever-lasting impression in the world of internet marketing. In all, the final solution lies in investing money on both, as PPC and SEO are complementary marketing activities. Here are few reasons why you need both;

1. ‘Time Matters’:
Time is the most important factor to be considered. As far SEO is concerned, it takes a longer time to bring the effect down. At times, there may not be any significant improvements in organic search visibility for several months due to strong competition or any other reasons.

In contrast, paid searches work immediately. It assists you to shine out sooner and become visible on Google and various other search engines, in a short span. But, this never means you can rely exclusively on PPC. The reason being, a great number of users are more inclined towards organic results, rather than the ads.

  1. Conversion Potential
    Where SEO is considered to capture more clicks, on the other hand PPC is known to generate a sales or leads through greater number of clicks. The organic searches valuably attract users with various types of interest. And in contrast, the users with PPC ad are very likely to be in the market. Undoubtedly, PPC make a strong effect for your business and SEO efficiently complements your ads by attracting the buyers. Involvement of a well-rounded Internet marketing strategy helps your business to reach out all types of prospects.
  2. Credibility factor:
    A well-managed and executed PPC and SEO campaigns together not only produces leads and e-commerce revenue, but also built a potential image for your business. A better organic search visibility is termed as a big positive sign for a business. Being positioned on the first page of Google for a relevant term concludes that your company is an industry leader, offering the best to the users.

In all, the paid searches and organic searches can be blended together to deliver the best outcomes for a business.

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