Are Online Reviews And Comments Trustworthy?

A new controversial trend brewing up in the online arena is the methods used by certain companies to advertise their product, services or name. The practice is to employee a bunch of people to leave positive comments/reviews about the services,…


Is Facebook taking away the charm of social-networking and hampering it all together?

Facebook revealed the Open Graph at f8 developer conference a few months ago and now it is apparent that the idea behind it was to make everything commercialized in order to gain profits. You might have noticed that whenever a…


Google says fully No to Blackberry Gmail App after 22.11.2011

22nd November 2011 will be the last day for the Gmail application for BlackBerry smartphones, made by Research In Motion Ltd. Recently Google said in their blog that: “Beginning November 22, 2011, we will end support for the Gmail App…


Ultra modern website designing is what we are talking about

Arena of web designing and development is changing dynamically pertaining to the intense competition and need for standing out in the seamless internet cloud. So how do you keep abreast this trend shift and give that extra edge to your…


Mobile Friendly Website Versus Desktop Friendly Website

Since the origin of Internet and invention of computers we have encountered enormous number of latest technologies and devices to make this world a small place for us to be omnipresent. First Computers then laptops and now mobile phones… Internet…


Social Media loose popularity to Net banking

Recent study by Nationwide Building Society has come up with an eye-opening finding which reveals that more people get online to use Net Banking than logging on to Social Media website. Seeing the rising popularity of social media websites you…


Industry experts’ interviews

Larry Kim

KVR Webtech in Conversation with PPC Expert- Larry Kim of WordStream

Howdy readers!! This time we got the opportunity to interview a renowned personality of PPC world; yes we are talking about Larry Kim.

Rand Fishkin

KVR Webtech in Conversation with SEO Superstar- Rand Fishkin of Moz

Howdy readers!! Welcome to another interview edition of KVR Webtech!..

KVR Webtech in Conversation with Digital Marketing Expert- Neil Patel

Today, we are here with one more interesting interview of a Digital Marketing Expert who has helped..

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