If you are among those advertisers who aren’t using any conversion tracking platform, then this is surely great news for you. Now you can make a smart move for your business with Smart Goals. Dig in to find more.

Google Launches Smart Goals For Advertisers


Definitely, there are countless small and medium businesses, which don’t make use of AdWords Conversion Tracking and Import Google Analytics Ecommerce transactions to measure their website conversions. Probably, there can be different reasons; they might not have time or technical knack, or they don’t have the right way for users to convert on their website. And if you are also one of them, here is your opportunity to work in a smarter way.  All you need to do is- measure smart. How?

Powered by Google Analytics, Smart Goals now help you to identify the highest-quality visits and optimize for those visits in AdWords. The only difference is that it doesn’t measure actions taken on an advertiser’s website. So, all you need to do in link your Analytics and AdWords accounts, then select Smart Goals under Goals in the Admin tab, and you turn into a smart advertiser. Isn’t that quite simple!

For more information please visit this link.

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