If you are thinking of the trends concerned with web designing, you will get a wide range of technologies. But, it never means that if it is a trend, you need to follow it always. Web designing is something beyond expectations. And trends are not for always, they come and go. So here is a list of few you must avoid while designing your website:

  1. Splash pages: These are generally made to create an excitement and to make visitors yearn for more. Most of the times they are laden with moving graphics, illuminating and spinning status bars, engaging music,  etc. The reason of adding it to this list is that the customers are no more interested in a website with tempting graphics and images. Thus, they will just bounce from your site to another one that serves them with straightforward information.
  2. Web 2.0 Design: Do you like to view a web designs which resembles a children’s story book, featuring rounded corners, drop shadows and reflections? The obvious answer is a straight—no. Thus, this web design could cause a disaster to your site. Nowadays, customers are interested in web designs that are user friendly and professional.
  3. Flash sites: Practicing this trend will really not be suitable for any website and the designer too! It is an appallingly outdated style.  Moreover, it is becoming incompatible with a large number of devices and programs. If your website is running on flash, you must update it using HTML5 or CSS2 instead.
  4. Pop-up windows: This seems to be very distracting. Especially, when you are trying to read something and a popup window refuses to close, it feels horrible to the reader. So, whether it is an ad or a landing page, make sure you remove pop-up. And if you can’t do without these pages then make sure you keep them to a minimum.

The new ideas always seem ideal for the current trends. But, their implementation needs to be done very cautiously. Thus, following a web design trend that is highly effective, technologically advanced and simple enough to provide maximum ease to the users should only be used.

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