2014 comes as fresh start for web design trends as the audience demands more visually appealing website designs of their particular liked online portals. So what is that magic combination of we design strategies and visual elements that can give your project the much needed boost? Let’s have a look.


1)      Fonts and colors

Gone are the days when web designers only preferred the most common type of fonts like Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. More designers are now playing around with fonts that reflect the overall values of an organization or personality of the individual. While, on the other side the colors of your website should be simple to make it look cleaner and fresher.

2)      Mobile platform

With more and more people being taken aback by the smartphone wave, the internet access platform is slowly shifting from PC version to the mobile version. Therefore, it is important to design websites that are responsive which means that they are designed keeping in mind mobile platforms like tablets, smartphones etc.

3)      Scrolling hero area

Scrolling hero area is also gaining importance as user lands on the website and looks for a very user friendly interface. This gives the user access to web content without any sliders, thereby enhancing user experience.

4)      Videos

More use of videos in your content pays off as the new trend. People these days are more attracted to content that has videos along with good content. This also makes sense as a video explains the content itself in a better way.

5)      Animations and Gif’s

Use of animations and Gif’s is also trending as more and more people look for a quick way to find engaging content, which can be best represented by evolving pictures.

To sum it up, the design trends are changing in 2014 and breaking the old jinx of website design strategies.

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