Apple is known for its innovations and advancements in technology from years…

The recently launched products are enough to satisfy the above said line. Moreover, this time it has bring forth a challenge for the web designers too. Find out how all the new launches will impact the world of designing.

Bigger Diversity in Screens:

For a long time, the Google’s Android phone screens were getting bigger and bigger but Apple’s iPhones had relatively small screens. But with the new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, it has caused a difference. The designers need to worry this screen diversity as the screen size stability of iPhones is no more. Along this, the addition of Retina HD with one more resolution is the next challenge.

Improving Responsive Design:

It is not just that the bigger screens have caused a fear to the designers; it has also brought an opportunity to embrace their responsive design skills. The responsive designs need to be flexible and this is the added advantage. The two bigger iPhones, allows the designers to be more creative with their responsive skills. Working for the best technology will get the designers better at testing responsive websites. This will be in favor of all the big Android phones too!

Horizontal Apps:

This is something new to the industry.  With iPhone 6 Plus, a greater horizontal screen size is introduces which refreshes the horizontal design. Responsive is not new to the designer world. But, as far horizontal screen is concerned, it is not very often with either apps or responsive websites. However, now it is a challenge and an opportunity both to do just that. Embrace the bigger screens now and get going to create something creative that fascinates the users allowing horizontal and vertical screen rotations.

For the designers who’ve optimized for the iPhones of yesteryear, the coming task isn’t simple for sure.  The concept has become stretched beyond the reach of one thumb; it will affect various fields like button placement, gestures and content layout significantly.

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