New Girl in the City

A few days back, I really didn’t had any idea about what would I write under this title, but I guess, what I’m about to write was there somewhere in the shell of my heart.

So, I am the NEW Girl in YOUR city Chandigarh – the city of beauty. Ahhh… both in terms of landscape and feminine! It’s my journey from yet another beautiful city, my city Udaipur to Chandigarh. Why this journey is very special to me because it helped me meet myself and LOVE being ME.

I had never thought of leaving my state and opt for any other destination for some or the other reason. But, it was 10 months back in October, when I first stepped in Chandigarh. It was just an in-between station for me to go to some other place, not knowing the fact that it’d soon become my Final Destination. It was around 5:30 in the morning when I reached the railway station and hired an auto rickshaw. Let me tell you, I was all alone! The moment my auto left the station and we started the drive towards the bus station, something caught my attention – the morning mist, the cool breeze and the calming silence… although there was scores of people taking a morning walk around. My fear of being alone in an unknown place vanished in a while. By the time I reached ISBT-43, I decided ‘This Is the place for me!

Soon after two months, I shifted here and started searching for a job in writing profile, since I was already working as a freelance writer. Within a week or two, I got a job in KVR Webtech for the profile I needed. Luckily, the job search didn’t hampered me much. And… since 17th December 2014, my life completely changed!

This new job gave me everything-new work, new people, new friends, new fun and of course New ME. Getting a company with such young, cool and experienced directors and a rocking team in just your first step towards building career is really like dream come true! With all ups and downs I faced in the last 8 months made me what I am today and trust me… this wouldn’t have been possible without being a KVRian.

Definitely, it wasn’t so easy for me to reach where I am today (don’t think I’ve turned into a millionaire :p), but I feel lucky that I am a part of KVR. Every time I failed- the rejection, probation extension, Oh yaara Dil Tutte Gaya!!But, my friends and my seniors stood by me to support and encourage me. Some of them really played a great role in “carving me” out and get better at my creativity, helped me to know what I am, what’s my worth and what I can be upto – Poonam mam, Rupali mam and Mukesh sir, as seniors and friends, were a real guide to me. Friends like Varun, Shruti, Mukesh, Ritu mam and Neha always held my hand saying, “chhod na yaar, chill maar.” And, how can I forget my TLs, Vikas sir and Disha mam who showed their trust on me that enabled me to learn each day and improve my write-ups. A big THANKS to all!

Those small praises I received from the clients, IM executives and the directors really boosted me and my efforts. I still remember the praise, which Varun Sir pinged me saying “a brilliant content Kamini, I really liked the way ……..” And then the two Huffington Posts; WOW!!! It feels great contentment. These were the moments that never let me down and lose my morale. I learn a lot working here, both professionally and as an individual.

Last month I joined ‘Mandli’ – an initiative of KVR to serve the society. Definitely, one reason was to show my affection and serve those needy and, ‘mene suna the Mandli me bohot majaa bhi aata hai.’ It was a great experience to visit the old age home with the mandli members and spend memorable time with those uncles and aunties. It really feels good from within to make someone smile and forget their sorrows, atleast for a while. Isn’t it??

We not only work here. We play musical chairs, sing ‘pani da rang’, and dance ‘chittiyan kalaiya & aerobics. We party ‘HARD on Manali Trance’…Ahem Ahem… We laugh together, cry together. It’s not mere a workplace, it’s a complete ‘package of life’, atleast for me.

KVR make me remind of my school days and the girl who had many aspirations and dreams. I think now I’m back – back with more enthusiasm, courage, knowledge, passion, creativity and that big SMILE! (Laughter indeed, I know.. hahaha)!

It now feels that this city is no new for me. Whether it’s the Chandigarh’s sector 15, 22, 17 or whether it’s Elante, Rose garden, Sukhna, it all makes me feel this city is mine now. I have fallen madly in love with Chandigarh. Why Chandigarh is a happening place, Rupali mam can better help you know.

I wish and I think I‘ll soon reach where I really wanted to be, keeping my fingers crossed.

Whaaatt… its’s not over yet…’Picture abhi baki hai mere dost.’

………………….It’s just a happy beginning!!!!!

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