After removing View Image Button from Search, Google has come up with Mobile Scorecard and impact calculator tools.

Speed Scorecard & Impact Calculator

Like a typical woman, Google does not allow you to complete the whole sentence and starts her guess work, suggesting you with complete sentences. But at same time, Google, like a woman, takes care of every user and this is a reason that it comes up with updates to make user experience better and better.

In this highly competitive world, where patience and attention span of a human is decreasing with 53% of users skipping your site after three seconds if it does not meet the their expectation of page to load in two seconds, Google is backing up the users and is coming up with updates with mobile page speed in mind.

Recently, In January 2018, Google made an announcement making page speed to be the pillar in mobile search ranking. Moving on the same track, Google has fueled up its fast moving train with recently announced new tools: Mobile Speed Scorecard & Impact Calculator.

Winning on Mobile

Let’s Get Familiar With New Tools…

The two tools came into existence with a motive to give marketers and webmasters the clear picture to help them understand their mobile site speed

Speed Scorecard tool

In the tough exam of Google to rank high on the search engine results, Google has gifted website owners with a tool named Speed Scorecard. With help of this tool, a website owner can compare his mobile page speed against its competitors. The tool is capable to analyze the speed of thousands of websites from following 12 countries:

  • Australia
  • Set the desired country and mobile connection viz 3G or 4G. Google recommends a mobile speed of 5 seconds on 3G connections, and 3 seconds on 4G connections.
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

How to Use Speed Scorecard Tool?

  • Set the desired country and mobile connection viz 3G or 4G. Google recommends a mobile speed of 5 seconds on 3G connections, and 3 seconds on 4G connections.

Internet Speed

  • Simply enter your website’s URL followed by URLs of your competitors and the tool will arrange the URLs and corresponding speeds in the form a table.

Speed Scorecard Example


Benefits of Using Speed Scorecard Tool…

The importance of superfast mobile page speed lies in a fact that mobile conversion rates are lower than desktop as per Google.

  • If your website lies in the same category, speed scorecard tool is a best help for your website to analyze the actual speed of your mobile website.
  • You can set a target by comparing the mobile page speed of your various competitors.
  • Visit the websites of competitors who scored higher than yours website in Speed Scorecard test.
  • You can note down all the shortcomings and dig out all the positive features of your competitor’s website.
  • Prepare a roadmap and modify your mobile website so that it bags the first position in the scorecard.

Impact Calculator

Have you ever experienced the loss of your favorite last dress available online because of slow upload of the page at checkout? But it’s not only your loss; the loss of an online e-commerce website is far more than yours. According to Google, a one second delay in page load time can lower conversions by up to 20%

Taking this fact into consideration, Google introduced Impact Calculator tool quoting “People expect fast, friction-less mobile experiences. And when those expectations aren’t met, they move on. Using bench-marking data, we’ve examined the potential effect speed has on conversion rates.”

Impact calculator tool helps you by portraying a picture that focuses on the impact of faster website on generated revenue.

How to Use Impact Calculator Tool?

  • Once your mobile site speed has been determined, Google will automatically fetch that figure, along with your URL, into the Impact Calculator.

Impact Calculator Example

  • Now manually input the few demanded values: Average monthly visitors, average order value, and conversion rate.
  • After filling the actual values, the tool will display your speed along with a slider.
  • After dragging the slider to the left, you will come up with a figure describing an estimated increase in revenue by speeding up your website by few seconds.

Benefits of Using Impact Calculator Tool…

Page speed is directly proportional to more engagement which further is directly linked with higher revenue.

  • Fetch average monthly visitors, average order value, and conversion rate data from the Google analytics and find out the how much more revenue you can generate by improving speed of mobile website.
  • It will help you to set a target to earn X amount of profit in Y amount of time.
  • Accordingly, you will be able to amend the website to achieve the set target.

It’s high time to create faster mobile website to turn your potential visitors into customers, who will eventually convert into loyal customers in no time and will help you to market your brand.

An additional amount of $34 million was raised during Obama’s fundraising campaign of 2011 Presidential Elections when the Obama for America website shrunk page load time from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

Google has gifted every website owner with these two tools, so use them wisely and optimize your website to reach the sky of success.

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