In today’s tech savvy world the growing popularity of Smartphones like iPhone, iPad and Android have made internet accessible on mobile. According to Pew Research Centre’s Report of 2009, one fifth of the Americans access mobile websites every day. In 2010 almost 73 million Americans accessed the web via a mobile browser with an increase of 31% from the previous year.

Roaming around with laptops or sitting on a desktop are now outdated trends. The latest trend is the use of smart phones that gives access to internet on mobile. Now-a-days cell phone users want to have content at their fingertips that they can use easily, access immediately and from almost anywhere. A lot of companies have started recognizing this trend and how these gadgets can be used to theіr advantage. Therefore, it becomes essential for the companies to advance their websites and get a mobile version of their website.

There are number of advantages that are pretty enough to convince website owners to embrace the mobile web and some of them are: –

Improved User Experience: –

No one wish to browse a desktop website on their smart phone or tablet. Desktops websites are usually heavy and wide that does not fit onto the mobile screen and if a web site is not user friendly when accessed via a mobile, customers simply will stop using it. On the other hand mobile optimized websites are specifically designed for handheld devices that notably enhance user experience and satisfaction.

SEO Friendly:

Mobile optimized websites are supported by mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Mobile website provides improved rankings and places websites in local directories which will help in bringing business.

Faster Download Speed: –

Mobile optimized version is specially designed for mobile standards and optimal download speed. This means that there is less waiting and more browsing.

Stay Connected – Anywhere and Everywhere: –

People are now mоre dependent оn thеir cell phones and want to access information everywhere they go and mobile optimized websites serves the purpose. The mobile version can be accessed anywhere and anytime. It allows the brand to connect with their customers or visitors everywhere and anywhere.

Use of QR codes: –

With the help of QR codes mobile websites are able to bridge the gap between the online and offline media. QR codes can be displayed in print and can be scanned with a smartphone. QR codes can also be translated into electronic messaging such as a website URL, an email address or SMS. You can hence direct users to your mobile website’s landing page that offers more information and interactivity than any printed page. This technique enables you to target a large number of audiences.

Brand Identity

Mobile website is the latest trend and today it’s a necessity to have mobile version for your websites. It helps you stand out giving a positive, contemporary brand identity to your company.

It’s obvious that user’s dependability on smartphones and tablets to browse the net will surely increase in the upcoming years. So it’s the time to get a mobile version for your website so that you can reach your viewers in a simpler, faster and effective way.

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