Mobile Apps: The Magic Lamp of the Modern World

We all have heard of Aladdin and his magic Genie and believe me this magic Genie is nothing different from a mobile application that can take you on a virtual ride to a real place just in a jiffy.

What was just a vision or imagination merely a decade or two decade ago is the reality of the present day. Mobile applications have surprisingly made the impossible things possible! On a click you get to pay your bills, shop around finding just what you want, have a video chat for free of cost, get to know your body temperature, your blood pressure checked and the list goes on. Now, what more do we want from a click on a mobile application… what could possibly be the future of mobile applications? Yes, the further your imagination goes the bigger the ambit of possibilities grows.

As the famous film producer “Walt Disney” said:

“If You Can Dream It You Can Do It”.

Diligent efforts, starry eyes and futuristic approach of a few genius minds at work has resulted in great works like Siri in iPhone, Cortana in Windows Phone and Android; These technologies enable us to interact with our device and we can also command them to perform some of the tasks on the phone like dialling and sending messages etc. Now, just visualize if mobile or internet calling can be made a little bit more sophisticated so that it supports virtual reality! Just imagine you just ask the mobile to call your girlfriend and your mobile, in an instant takes a 3D photograph of you and on the other hand you appear virtually in front of your girlfriend, your image that isn’t just an image but a 3D virtual existence of you though intangible but a near to a real feel of your presence. Yes, this amazing feature is possible hold on to some more time down the lane! Similarly, Shopping can also be made more fun with the help of future virtual reality features of your device. Your mobile can scan your face and body type and show images displaying your appearance in any particular dress or apparels and by just sliding, you can change the various dresses that you are wearing in the mobile images and get to know what would suit you according to your guise.

What if your mobile is continuously scrutinizing your body and if there is any illness or deficiency or anything that makes you unhealthy then the push notification or alert pops out which recommends just like a doctor that what precautions and measures you must take to stay healthy. What if mobile can detect your blood sugar levels with just a touch or simply by hovering over your hand it can display the x-ray of it. Taking a photo of your food item from your mobile and mobile will tell you what all the nutrients your food contains. Switching off your lights with your mobile wouldn’t be amazing. Making your house lights

Surely with all these and more mobile applications technology, life would be so much beyond being comfortable and better…

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