If you’re a Twitter fan, here’s a good news for you.

Get ready to see longer tweets soon on Twitter!!


You’d get ‘longer’ freedom to express your feelings on Twitter. Sources say that Twitter is planning to allow longer tweets by the end of Q1 of 2016.

Twitter is planning to add a new feature that will allow users to tweet longer than the traditional 140-character limit. However, Twitter has made no official announcement about the new feature, but it is expected to come by the end of Q1, according to multiple sources. Currently, Twitter is considering a 10,000 character limit, sources say. That’s the same character limit the company uses for its Direct Messages product.

The instant reactions of users on the ‘longer tweets’ however doesn’t seems to be favorable.

People Reaction


People Reactions

It seems like Twitter is willing to change one of its most established product features. Expanding the limit is an indication that Twitter is serious about making changes in hopes of luring new users.

In addition to this, sources also say that the company is thinking about ways to combat the spamming issues that are likely to come about as a result of longer tweets.

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