KVRians Celebrating Lohri

LOHRI – an important festival for the people of Northern India is here. Amidst the chilly cold weather when everything seems still in the northern part of India, people of North India, especially people from Sikh community, prepare for this long-awaited bonfire festival — when they can come out of their homes and celebrate the harvesting of the Rabi (winter) crops and get in to relaxing and enjoying the traditional folk songs and dances.


Lohri is celebrated to mark the end of winter by worshipping fire. It is also known to be the festival of harvest. The usual traditional time period to harvest sugarcane crops is January; sugarcane products such as jaggery and ‘gachak’ are central to Lohri celebrations. The festival is marked with grand bonfire parties, dances, songs, wearing new clothes, meeting relatives and friends and feasting your loved ones.

KVRians at Lohri Bonfire

KVRians at Lohri Bonfire

KVR Webtech feels delighted to say that we celebrate all occasions every year with bursting joy and oneness but we have a special bent towards Lohri as we incorporate its significance with our beliefs. We believe ‘each new day is a new beginning in one’s life’ so as the significance of Lohri- celebrating a new year (financial) for farmers. We believe in spreading sweetness and harmony with our clients, associates and our beloved employees like people do it on Lohri by preparing sweets out of jaggery. The crispiness of our KVR environment gets its essence from Lohri (peanuts). The bonfire of Lohri inspires the KVRians to overcome the bad times, whether it the period of heavy work pressure or the times of loss, and to believe that good will definitely come.

We celebrated the occasion in the evening at KVR Webtech premises in full spirits. Dancing around the bonfire KVRians enjoyed the cup of coffee and having the traditional festive sweets, we had a blast together and we wished that the festival adds happiness and prosperity in everyone’s life.

We wish you all HAPPY LOHRI and HAPPY PONGAL!!

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