Recently we had interviewed John Sparks who is an author of the exciting book, “365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER!”

John Sparks is a Social Media speaker who speaks to large/small groups, businesses, civic/community groups and schools on everything you need to know about Twitter.

An Interview with John Sparks

Here is our one on one interview session with Mr. John Sparks:

Disha: “From less than 800 followers to almost 200,000 followers in just two years. He did not buy any of his own followers!” How did you do it?
John: Attitude and persistence and really understanding that social media in general (not just Twitter) is about helping other people and not about us. When we look at it from a flipped perspective that it is about others and how we can help them and create a positive experience for them online then we are creating value and people will not only follow us but follow us in droves.
Disha: Why majorly Twitter? Or how Twitter inspired your to write a whole book on “365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER”. And why should someone have a copy of it?
John: Great question. After researching all the social media platforms it’s obvious they all have a different purpose. The big 3 are obviously Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Facebook has done a great job in branding themselves as the “Friends” network and LinkedIn has done a great job establishing themselves as the professional network. But where do you go to connect with people who are not your “Friends” and not in your professional network that you don’t know? Twitter is the best platform for that. And so growing my following and then sharing those secrets on how it was done and others can do it without much time and money inspired me to write the book. At one level the book is about Twitter, but at a whole other level the book is about other sites you can use with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites to help build relationships and then take those relationships from online to offline and convert them into business!

365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER!

Disha: What are the common mistakes that tweeples are doing? And how can they improve on it?
John: Wouldn’t call anything really a “mistake”. It depends on what the purpose, vision, goals, and end game is. Everyone is different, and there is no cooke cutter approach to Twitter…but having a foundation first is critical. Then develop a strategy that is aligned with this foundation. Once the strategy is defined and you’re looking for more specific ideas that relate back to this purpose, vision, goals, and end game check out the book!
Disha: What are your views about Twitter Advertisements? What works best? Is there any Twitter algorithms?
John: I’ve never used Twitter advertisements or advertisements on any other platform to get my message out. There are not any algorithms on Twitter that I’m aware of at the current time.
Disha: When you stand here and look back into the past, which was the biggest moment for you in your career?
John: The moment when the first box of books arrived back from the printer. Seeing what I had actually written and being able to physically touch it. I’ve always wanted to put out a book since elementary school; however, one obstacle or another seemed to always get in the way.
Disha: What is your definition of Social Media?
John: Relationships. Life is about relationships and so is social media. If it’s not it should be!
Disha: What are your Social Media etiquette, which you always follow?
John: Always is a pretty strong word. Can’t say there’s an etiquette I always follow. I’m a work in progress. I like to try to treat others how I’d like to be treated, do unto others, and make everyone feel welcome, special, and appreciated in the process. It doesn’t always happen but I like to do my best to try and do this and help others.
Disha: A rapid fire round, few words or a phrase required for the following:
a) Who really is John Sparks?
John:Tweet me & find out @IAmJohnSparks :):)
b) People do not know that you….
John: Would really like to perform the Diabolo in a Cirque du Soleil show!
c) What time you wake up?
John: Sometime between 5 and 7 a.m. It depends on the day and what is going on.
d) Best Friends?
John: I’ve been blessed with a lot of good friends and acquaintances. Some of my best friends and closest friends you won’t find online.
e) Your fears?
John: I don’t believe in fear. I believe fears are overcome through one’s confidence in God.

f) Your Favorite Social Media Channel?

John: Twitter
g) Why you like this Channel?

John: I enjoy talking and meeting new people and finding out their beliefs and what makes them tick.

h) What time of the day do you write?
John: Whenever the idea comes. There is no set time.
i) What more is left to achieve?
John: Work is happening on the second book. There’s still a lot more people to meet, share the message with, help, love on, and encourage.
Disha: Who is John in flesh and blood? Did you ever face any failure or low moment?
John: I am accepted, secure, and significant. I am God’s child, assured that all things work together for good, and am God’s workmanship. Yes I have faced low moments. My faith in God has brought me through them.
Disha: Before we put an end to our keen questions, please can you mention few tips and best tools that can be helpful for businesses in Twitter or Social Medias?
John: Twellow, Pixlr, Manageflitter, Klout, Twopcharts, Tweetchup, and SocialRank are some of my most favorite tools at the time. You can find out more about them in the book 365 Ideas. Check it out at


This was a short interview with Mr. John Sparks. We really thank him for sparing some time from his busy schedule for the interview. We truly believe his experience and valuable tips will be beneficial for all of us.

If you like the interview please share your thoughts with us in our comment section.

Stay tuned with us for more interviews of Social Media Experts.

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