In order to offer a better experience, Google is all set to remove the Search Custom Date Range Tool on mobile. The latest eradication of the feature from mobile version is meant to bring focus on more highly-utilized search features, working ideally across cross platforms.

Google Announced to Remove the Custom Date Range Search Filter

So, the mobile searchers, now you will be no longer able to use the custom date range search filter for Google. For it continues to be working with your desktop version, but not anymore on the smartphones. Google’s step towards dropping the custom date range search filter was recently announced through the Google Web Search Help forums.

Whether it is about eliminating the frustration of clicking the download buttons or introducing the SMART GOALS for the smart advertisers, the search giant has always been into practices to provide amazing browsing experiences to its users. Few months back, it dropped the location search filter, which added a bar to search Google based on particular location. And now the custom date range is also going away.

What Was the Filter’s Function?

You might have been using it. In case, you haven’t, it is important to learn that the custom search filter was the one which made the user able to select the custom range option, i.e. prompting the user to select a range of dates in which the user could generate the desired SERPs from. It could be found under the search tools option.

Google Search Filter on Mobile

However, not the filters will be available with “Any-Time” function, which would include the past hour, past month, past 24 hours, past week, and past year options. Remember, this is just for the mobile users only.

What Was the Reason Behind the Update?

It was the community manager of Google who first brought attention to this recent update. Well, with the “gradually unlaunch” of the feature for the users can expect to have a better experience by focusing greatly on the highly-utilized search features which would seamlessly.

In all, this is Google’s another removal from the search option filter, which is only for mobile searchers this time!

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