Life – a strange mystery, a weird puzzle and man, its chessman! In my moments of solitude, myriads of thoughts scream in my mind. Often I think was I contented earlier or am I happy today? And as usual, the answer is... bamboozling! This is what our mind does... befool us!

Today, I am not with them. Like every other being, I too have dreams because which I’m here now, far away from my home. It’s almost been 10 months I’m staying away from my family. I have everything here today– a job of my taste, my own home, friends, fun, freedom. But, still at times I feel that something is missing. And then I realize...I’m missing home!

You might be thinking, “Everyone has to leave their family, once in a lifetime. What’s the big deal??” I do agree. Even I wanted to live independently, and I took this decision willingly because I knew, being there I could never live up my dreams. But, since we are Indians, and the day we are born, we have been taught about love, family and relationships. This is the reason why we cannot live apart from our loved ones.

Just wanted to ask my fellow KVRians who are staying away from their home, don’t they miss their home, and family members? Don’t miss their mother’s scoldings and that deep love at the end of the day. Fighting with the siblings, eating with mother’s hand and learning from dad, celebrating festivals altogether? Close your eyes for a while and just give it a thought. You’ll feel at peace from within…just by thinking about home-sweet home.

I’ m not complaining. I thank almighty to offer me this chance to fulfil my dreams and aspirations, to stand-up to what my parents expect. I’m happy that I am working hard and trying to reach my goals, almost every day. But, at some point, I think, this happiness, these little achievements would have been more fun if I had my family near me. Remembering those days when entering the house with a medal in hand and shouting and screaming with joy, telling mom, “I won”.... nothing is overwhelming than a feeling seeing your parents in pride. And today...I miss that smile on my mum’s face.

I have been writing articles since last two months about numbing creams to ward off pain due to painful treatments. Is there any numbing solution for the pain I feel? I really want one. And not only me… Every other individual who has been staying away from their loved ones.

I don’t know why this happens? When we were young, we desired a free, independent life. We wanted to earn, hang out with friends, travel, and do whatever we feel like without any restrictions or bars. Then why it is that today, when we are living freely, we have all what we wanted, we are still not pleased? Why is that we miss that affection and love of our family when we have so many people around us?

Sometimes I feel like calling my mom and cry aloud... why you’re far. Sometimes I feel like fighting with my brother uselessly like we used to.. Sometimes I crave to touch my dad near me.... ! But, sometimes, we are just helpless. Everytime I call her, she ask, “kab aa rahe ho?” And I have the same answer....’soon ma’.

What troubles me more is that I cannot tell them how I feel. Every time I talk to them, I have to control all my emotions. I know, it’d make me weak and I cannot afford this at this phase of my life. And I won’t!

I thank my KVR family to offer me their love and support…
in just a few months and made me a part of this beautiful family!!

I don’t know what made me share my feelings with you. It just clicked in my mind and I started writing! Just wanted to say that love your family! They are the greatest treasure in life. Every happiness in life is incomplete if you don’t have your loved ones near you to share it. Love yourself but do not forget to love them too.

One thought on “Is there a numbing cream for this Pain??

  1. Rizwan

    Perfecty transformed emotions into words. Indeed, we are bounded with love and emotions for family. And its obvious if you want to earn something valuable then you to do some sort of sacrifices as well. So chulbuli girl hold your emotions, keep concentrating on your long term goals and stay happy.

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