Graphic design – an art of communicating, solving problems and styling with the use of space and image has become a trend that no business can do without. Graphic design has become the most vital element of business marketing and branding. And, it has been so long before even computers were invented (just in case you thought graphic design was computer aided outrightly). With the advent of computers, of course there has been a paradigm shift in the art of graphic designing. Something that started out as designing company logos with paintbrushes and markers now involves complex digital process comprising different skills, people, programs and software for the same.


To give each one of you a glimpse of graphic design history and where it is today, we have compiled a list of four infographics that contain information about process and popularity of graphic design.

# The state of graphic design infographic

Like every other thing, graphic designers can become mundane without practice and study. The infographic emphasizes on continuing education and always expanding on knowledge to make a more versatile and flexible designer. It also contains information about important skills and computer programs being used for work lately.

# How would you like your graphic design infographic

Choosing a graphic designer can involve a lot of routes, which lead through the road of price, quality and turnaround time. The infographic discusses what goes into graphic designing and what kind of result you will get and that the same will depend on the route you take to get there.

# How corporate logos evolve infographic

Even the biggest company logos that we have loved over time have been created by graphic designers. And evolution of logos explains how famous logos have changed with time and technology, which in turn depicts trends in graphic design.

# Fonts, style and colors in logo design infographic

Designing logos isn’t an easy bait. Choosing fonts, colors and style of logo take an intense thought. Frankly, there is a psychology behind every font type and choice of color. This infographic details the colors and text fonts some successful companies have used in their logos.

Having gone through these interesting infographics you will certainly know how the concept of graphic designing has evolved with time, and what is in trend.

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