We have discussed and read numerous tips on writing great articles. Writing great articles does not mean writing very long articles. Instead it means writing interesting articles which are read by others.

Before you start writing focus on your target readers… by doing so you will be able to understand what your target readers are looking for and you are able to feed them best with your knowledge.

Then choose a hot topic. For that you should focus on the latest whether it is some event, occasion, festival or even season.

Then the most important part of article comes, the Title. Your title should be a bait to attract readers. Hot, precise, informative and catchy titles attract readers.

And, your article body will let them enjoy their content feast. So it depends on you what you want to serve in your readers plates.

Stale is not accepted by anyone therefore, your articles should be hot, fresh and tasty. For that keep yourself updated, understand what people are hungry for and serve right food at right time.

For example, if Christmas is approaching and we serve articles about Valentine’s Day then nobody would like to intake that. Or just imagine in Winters season if we serves articles about ‘Summer Season Skincare Tips’ then???

Yes, writing about today! Is best. As it will give your articles a chance to come on the top searches for the hot keyword which people are searching latest.

Moreover, up-to-date content always attract readers.

Happy Writing!

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