Images play an extremely important part in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fascinating images not only engage a reader to go through the story but also provide an emotional connect to the readers.

However, the question is how to increase the ability of the pictures to get shared! Image Search Optimization really is the answer.

What is it all about?

Image Search Optimization provides a much required thrust to the online search ranking of the image. Most importantly, it plays a major role in tracing pictures back to their host website.

Isn’t that just great? Yes, it is.

However, in order to guide the search engine to display your images in an online search a wide range of on-page factors need to be taken care of.

1) File name: The file name should be relevant to the image. It helps in increasing traffic to the site if both of them share related file name.

2) Alt-text: Add an alt tag to the image in a Web page’s HTML code that includes helpful descriptive information about the content of the image.

3) Captions: Try to make sure that the caption exists with the same HTML container as the image.

4) Alignment: Filename, Alt-text and caption should be combined together to gain more impact. They offer supreme benefits to the Websites in terms of image search by online users. It is always recommended that a link-back to the website should always be included alongside the image.

5) Page content: The page content should be in accordance with the image and the file should not have very large images. Any text linked to the image should have well researched keywords. It helps in increasing genuine traffic on to the website.

6) File format: The image should be in any of the two recommended file formats namely JPEG or PNG for additional impact. You could also add new sitemap for better organization of images.

It is anticipated by the Image Search Optimization specialists that there is a great possibility of search engines looking beyond the on-page factors in the time to come. New methods are being discovered on the basis of link relations between images, the usage rate of an image on the Website, the number of websites that share a similar image pattern and the behavior of online users in relation to image search.

Keyword addition has become a trend now days. However, the best practice is to add keywords where termed necessary. Relevance is the key as only properly placed keywords convey the required message to search engines. It is very important to employ moderation feature in your style of working specially when optimizing images. Well researched key words could add lots of advantages to the Website and increase its online rankings.

With the advent of social media and social networking sites, images have found a real niche for themselves on the internet. It would not be an exaggeration if we term Image Search Optimization as a valuable addition on the Web. A good content complimented with a relevant image has a far reaching effect.

Therefore, Image Search Optimization is finding huge acceptance among the websites in order to get noticed by the targeted users presently.