I love him,
love him alot…
For the ‘HE’ in him –
his well-built physique,
strong shoulders,
stable mind,
hunger for success,
his passion,
his discipline…
I love him!

I also love him
for the ‘SHE’ in him –
the SHE who
cries upon missing his mom,
I like his softer side – sometimes tagged as SHE like qualities

the SHE who jumps out of excitement
seeing the surprises I plan…
I like it when he says ‘awwww’ for my efforts
and shows me the love I deserve

I love the SHE
who gently holds me around my waist
instead of pulling my whole body with that ‘manly’ force

I love the SHE
who cooks food for me often

I love the SHE
who often has disruptive mood swings
and seek my support

I love the SHE in him
who becomes the best buddy(babe) in

I love the SHE
who holds my bags while I shop
and wears that pink shirt just like
his black shirt
because pink is not only liked by women

Yes, I love him…

Apart from loving the HE in him
I also love the SHE in him!!

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