Making your business boom can be a really relentless task. As opposed to traditional belief, Roger La Salle, the founder of La Salle Matrix Thinking however believes that business can prosper and sustain in a healthy manner with minimal effort. All you have to do is keep in mind some things that will make you understand the core basics of how business grows. Let’s have a look at some of the most vital points that Roger La Salle laid emphasis on at the Creative Innovation conference in Melbourne.

1)      Creativity or innovation 

We should not confuse innovation with creativity. In his view creativity is limited to fields like arts, painting and music. Whereas innovation defines business as a whole because innovation defines the change that adds value to the business for a much more congenial environment.

2)      Proactive thought

Roger says that the best thing to do in a business is to be proactive as the life expectancy of a business is less than 10 years if one is not constantly adapting to changes. One should always be implementing ideas and testing them in real environment rather than testing it in a hypothetical situation. That way you’ll be more than equipped to handle changes and demanding end-users.

3)      Idea generation

The ideas should not only come from the creator of the business but also from the people that are an integral part of the business. This way the business prospers for longer and is not dependent on just one individual.

4)      Change is eminent

All businesses should accept the fact that change is part and parcel of every business environment. One should accept change and try to adapt depending on the changing business scenario.

Other than this, time management and following the innovative leaders may pay-off in the long run. All it takes is perseverance and a keen eye for implementing good ideas.

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