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At the SMX Advanced conference that helps SEO strategy specialists in adapting to the ever changing algorithms, and Google’s search experience, Matthew Brown had his unique take on this issue. He focused on the Google’s latest Hummingbird update that is more weighed towards user-intent and breaks some past notions that won’t work in the current search scenario. So what did Matthew Brown have to say at the SMX Advanced Conference about building SEO strategies, here is an insight.


  • Importance of keyword strings and meta tags is getting less important as Google rewrites title tags when it understands the user’s intent
  • SEO for multiple keyword variations for example “hotels in Germany”, “Germany hotels”, “Top hotels in Germany” etc.
  • Use of markups should only be done when it matches with the user intent
  • Entity-based optimization also known as semantic search is important, along with the Knowledge Graph results
  • The location level of Google has been beefed up therefore it is important to give location based search an importance due to rise in the use of mobile devices
  • The knowledge map is moving into the local field so Google is giving priority to sources like Yelp

The interpretations from Matthew’s study clearly state that Google’s Hummingbird update has brought in many new factors that challenge the current SEO services to up the ante and move away from any kind of spamming activities.

In addition to that optimizing for websites keeping in mind the mobile platforms is going to be as important as any other SEO strategy being employed for a user-intent based strategy. Undoubtedly, Hummingbird algorithm update is just the beginning of a change in search engine optimization, so along with smart content new and innovative SEO strategy has become a must.


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