In the crowded web space it is very hard to stand out from the crowd and attract heaps of viewers to your website. But is it that hard? Not really, if you follow certain methods to engage the audience and keep them hooked onto your website. Social media marketing is one of these factors that can shoot your website popularity to great heights if done properly and in a spam free manner. Let’s acquaint you to the four basic factors that can help you in sustaining within the ultra-competitive web space.


1)     Interactive images

It is a proven fact that people tend to get attracted by multimedia content like images, audio files and videos. Infographic images have become a major tool for social media marketing experts in bringing more traffic to client’s website because of the highly engaging nature of infographic images.

2)     Crowdsourcing digital content

Tools like Storify can be of great help in collecting useful content from across the seamless web sources based on the kind of keywords, hashtags, URLs etc. that you use. Such tools allow you to easily drag and drop social media content, videos from aggregators like Youtube, image sources like Instagram and many others to embed them on your website in any orientation. Another example of this method would be to get ideas and opinions on any topic that would be engaging enough.

3)     Know your audience

Having virtual quiz platforms for your audience is a good idea to keep them engaged as it keeps them interested and also instills a sense of completion to beat others that are participating in the same quiz. Combine this with social sharing of results with friends and you have a great social media marketing success.

4)     Content web cloud

Content web cloud is a new kind of tool that is being extensively used to present normal content in a highly interactive manner. Tools like Tagxedo can be used to create word cloud from web, social, blog and other sources.

If you haven’t changed the way you share news or make updates, then adapt the aforementioned new ways to grab the attention of your customers.

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