Google recently released the latest update named as Penguin Update. This is a set of more than 50 changes, released April 24, targeting sites that violate its quality guidelines. Google’s Penguin update is targeted towards complete web spam and suspect linking profiles and Google is happy the new spam-fighting algorithm is improving things as anticipated. But some are hurt by it and are wondering how to recover from Penguin. This update penalizes certain link building tactics such as keyword stuffing and link building from web spam locations.

According to Navneet Virk, director of optimization at Roundarch Isobar, “Penguin has been primarily focused on discouraging what the industry calls link spam. In Google’s algorithm, the links were placed with a very high value. In essence, the idea was if a lot of people were linking to a particular site or webpage, then it was considered to be a high-quality page and that had an impact in the ranking of that page in Google and other search engines.”

So the question arises how to deal with the Penguin update. Here are some strategies spoken out in the industry:-

Blog more and Blog regularly: Content is the king and will be the king. Writing relevant content not only increases your reader base but compels search engines to crawl, index, and rank your site.

Guest posting: It is all about offering unique and good content in return for a link to other webmasters.

Some other strategies you can opt are- build your own network, link bait, use of social media, use of existing contacts.

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One thought on “How to adapt Google’s Penguin Update?

  1. This is good news for anyone that was hit by the Penguin. When Google makes updates like this it can hit webmasters like a ton of bricks, but it’s also good to see that they are offering some suggestions as to how to recover, and that like Panda, the Penguin updates should be able to show you if you’re in compliance or not with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

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