“Facebook” being the biggest social networking site is prominently ruling the world. It has taken over the hold among the masses with its features. Now again, Facebook has opened the doors for people to express their emotions with just a tap. Yes! The option “like” is further expressed into 6 emoji faces- love, laugh, yay, wow, sad, and angry! After Facebook Live Video feature, the new emojis  will also help marketers a lot in making strategies.

How Facebook Reactions Can Benefit Marketers

Anyone who is open to Facebook can now choose from these “Reactions” before liking, commenting or sharing something. For all mobile users, the emoji faces are not visible directly on your screen, after reading the status or watching any image, you need to hold “like” button for a few seconds, and then these six reactions will appear to choose. And, if you are a Lappy or PC user, you’ll directly watch the reaction once you hover your mouse over the “like” button.

Why it was Introduced?

Facebook introduced these reactions in the end of the February. These 6 emojis opens a huge chance to comprehend what customers are feeling, as well as why they are feeling it. According to the researches done by Facebook team, emotional experience represents half of client steadfastness to a brand, while psychological loyalty represents just around a third.

It was initially declared by Facebook that they were trying different things with another approach to let you rapidly react to statuses or photographs with more subtlety than a “like” the previous fall, so this launch isn’t a shock.

But, it is still, considered as the major update in the history of Facebook. Now, people will be more open to show their emotions with a “Like”, that whether they just felt thumbs up, or they felt wow, or felt like laughing or the post made you angry.

Express Your Emotions With Facebook New Emojis

Benefits for Marketers and Advertisers

You’ll have the capacity to utilize the responses on “sponsored” posts by promoters in the same way that you will use them on your friends’ content. This will be truly helpful to marketers and advertisers as they’ll going to get a more definite perspective into how individuals are getting their content, and the feedback.

Below are the few more benefits that let people getting more open with Facebook;

  1. It permits more fans to utilize reaction emojis when it comes to express feelings. There’s no doubt that people love trying new things. So, as a marketer or publisher, if you post anything on your wall, you get to know how exactly your viewers or traffic is responding. When combined with the information from Facebook reactions, this information will uncover the “why” behind the feeling, even with greatest comments.
  2. It helps in analytic improvement in the Facebook reaction. With content examination, organizations can translate huge volumes of freestyle client feedback. It will enhance the use of Facebook feature of targeting specific audience by knowing the reactions of people.
  3. The presentation of these 6 emojis permits the brand to gauge their crowd’s actual reaction to a post and modify the procedure as needs to be. These Reactions going to hit the Facebook posts of people all around the globe in the following a few days… just watch!
  4. As a businessman, it’s very tough to understand the customer’s point of view.. This critical emotions information will incredibly impact the business in understanding the clients’ feelings Also, it will colossally profitable in driving choices over the whole business.
  5. In general, marketers dealing with a brand’s Facebook page will soon have admittance to much more experience about the drivers of client feeling, and that is very important to the business enhancement. These feelings will give a thought to a brand that how their image or post is functioning among masses.

Why Facebook Never Added Option like “Dislike”?

Till now, Facebook never added “Dislike” option on the wall. And, there is a reason that Facebook never wanted their traffic to get distracted. Although, they tested the “dislike” option, but never took off to users on social networking site. They feel that disliking the post can bring a feeling of negativity across the social network.

If a “like” button can be powerful that it can express your emotions in a very simple way. With a single click, you can tell your friends that you acknowledge what they’ve done. It’s a small yet powerful way to convey and unite individuals. Thus, you can well imagine  that how powerful the “dislike” button could be, which might drawback the traffic. This is the reason why Facebook never introduced “dislike” button.

But to cover up the gap, Facebook has introduced emojis in which we can find sad and angry expression to show our dissatisfaction.

So, in the end, I would say that with the launch of Facebook “Reactions”, now people will get the maximum benefit personally as well as commercially. Rule your marketing strategies with these smart 6 emojis.

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