Google keeps on working on providing secure browsing experiences to its users. Finally, now you can escape the frustration of clicking on the download buttons several times. Yes, the good news is that Google will be expanding its Safe Browsing protection now to handle those deceptive embedded content. Read on to know more.

Deceptive Sites

Click! Click! Click! Well this could be the worst thing when you need to download something. In fact, finding the right download button turned into the least fun version of hide and seeks. But not anymore! Google is now all set to take action to warn the users when sites engage in this kind of deceptive behavior.

Yes, it is another aggressive step by Google towards correcting the deceptive practices on the web. Back in November, the company announced that the Safe Browsing would protect users from social engineering attacks. It was for those deceptive tactics which often lead you to dreadful situations like revealing some personal information such as passwords, phone numbers, and credit cards, or installing some unwanted software.

And now the company recently announced that if Chrome detects a user heading to a webpage with some deceptive download buttons, it will throw up a warning page. This new warning is followed by the same company’s social engineering policy, which was announced in November. Hence, if you have been fed up of those social engineering acts in the form an image ad, claiming your system is out of date or deceptive download button, you can enjoy the Safe Browsing protection now.

What to expect now?

In order to help the users avoid these types of interfaces, a big red warning screen will appear in Chrome. This is a simple step by Google to prevent you from being fooled by the deceptive sites. However, it provides you with freedom to continue if you want to.

In all, Google is now all set to raise a war against the deceptive acts with its power in the search and browser markets, which is definitely a good start!

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